What Are The Benefits of Lock Rekeying?

What Are The Benefits of Lock Rekeying?

Lock-rekeying is the process by which the locking mechanism of a door is readjusted so it works with a different key. A locksmith will remove the entire lock body from your door in order to get access to the cylinder. The cylinder houses key pins or “tumblers,” which are unique to a specific key. Once the locksmith has access to the pins, they can readjust these to match a new key. Why would you re-key a lock, you might ask. Well, there are a lot of good reasons to re-key a lock! Keep reading to learn more about why you need to rekey your locks and how RBM Lock & Key can help.

  1. Cost-Effective Security Enhancement
  2. If you recently had someone move out, you recently moved into a house, or you lost a key, re-keying the locks is a cost-effective way to enhance your home security. Instead of replacing all of the locks in their entirety, you can simply have them re-keyed, which saves you a lot of money.

  3. Provides Peace of Mind
  4. If you lost a key or know that someone you do not trust anymore has a key to your house, it can be unsettling. You might not want to justify spending hundreds on new locks for the entire house, but re-keying locks is much more economical and can provide peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Quick Solution
  6. Another benefit of re-keying locks is that it can be done very quickly. Replacing all of the locks in your house can be time-consuming, but when handled by a professional there is a quick turnaround time for re-keying.

Contact RBM Lock & Key today to have your lock rekeyed!

If you have purchased a new home or someone has recently moved out, it might be a good idea to get your locks rekeyed. This is an affordable and quick way to boost your home security. And the good news is that RBM Lock & Key makes the entire process very easy. We will come out and quickly rekey your locks so that you can have peace of mind and know that those who had keys previously will not be able to access your home. Call RBM Lock & Key today at 909-980-3448 to request an appointment to have your locks rekeyed.

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Posted on April 21, 2021
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