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In addition to our automotive, commercial, residential and industrial locksmith services, we also specialize in selling, servicing and installing safes in your home or business. Whether you’re looking for a new safe or you need the combination changed or a safe opening service, RBM Lock & Key can take care of you.

New Sales

New SafesWe carry only the top brands so our customers can rest assured that their valuables will be well protected. No matter what you plan to keep in your safe, we can help you find the right size, rating and visual aesthetic for your purposes. Not only will we assist you in picking out the best safe for your needs, we can also install the safe for you so it is properly and securely put in.

We Can Change Combinations

Our locksmiths at RBM Lock & Key can change the combinations for most safe models and set them to a combination of your choosing. With our mobile service vehicles, you don’t need to try and bring your safe to us for servicing or to have the combination changed; our skilled technicians will come to you!

Need a Safe Opened?Opened Safe

Did you lose the keys to your safe or forget the combination? RBM Lock & Key can help! Our mobile service locksmiths have the tools and are well trained and experienced with safe opening of most models.

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  • Gun Safes

    A quality gun safe is a must-have accessory for the responsible gun owner. At RBM Lock & Key, we carry a complete range of options, from basic lockboxes to secure individual firearms to premium full size gun safes with up to 120 minutes of fire protection. We also stock all the accessories you may need to customize your gun safe, such as electronic locks, dehumidifiers, shelving, and door organizers.

  • Residential Safes

    A residential safe is a convenient alternative to a bank safe deposit box for storing valuables. At RBM Lock & Key, we carry an excellent selection of residential safes suitable for storing important papers, cash, jewelry, and any other items you want to protect from fire or theft. We have portable safes that can be secured with mounting hardware as well as built-in wall safes and floor safes for maximum protection.

  • Commercial Safes

    Virtually any business can benefit from a quality commercial safe. At RBM Lock & Key, we stock commercial safes suitable for storage of excess register cash, total cash receipts, and valuable inventory. Choose from undercounter safes, chest safes, or lift-out floor safes fitted with keyed, combination, or electronic locks. Our expert locksmiths can help you select the commercial safe that’s right for your business and install it for you.

  • Locks

    The talented locksmiths at RBM Lock & Key can meet all of your needs when it comes to opening locked safes, resetting manual and electronic safe combinations, and even upgrading safe locksets. We can help you customize your safe by switching out a manual combination lock for an electronic one with a time lock, a fingerprint lock, or other high-tech features.

  • Luxury Fire & Burglary Safes

    Get serious protection for your valuables with a serious luxury safe. At RBM Lock & Key, we can introduce you to a variety of attractive safes from some of the top brands in the industry. Whether you want a small safe or a large one, a simple keyed lock or a digital locking mechanism, we can help you find the right safe for your needs and install it in a way that maximizes its fire and theft resistant properties.

  • Cash Management, Deposit & Smart Safes

    If you need more than simple storage from your safe, RBM Lock & Key can help. We can provide deposit safes that enable employees or clients to make cash deposits or return keys without opening the safe. We also offer high-tech “smart” safes with advanced automated cash management features. For example, the CashWizard safe can actually count cash as it is deposited and produce detailed records of transactions sorted by employee, shift, and business day.

  • U.L. Listed High Security

    Independent auditor Underwriter’s Laboratories grades safes according to their ability to resist attacks by fire and thieves. At RBM Lock & Key, we can help you understand these ratings and guide you to the UL listed safes that are appropriate for your needs. For example, on the theft side you can choose from UL 15 or UL 30 safes, which are guaranteed to resist attack by a thief armed with common tools for 15 or 30 minutes.

  • Pharmacy & Narcotics Safes

    If your business stocks high-value, high-target medications, you need to secure them properly or else risk becoming the target of a robbery or employee theft. At RBM Lock & Key, we offer high-quality steel pharmacy safes that can provide a much more secure alternative to ordinary locked pharmacy cabinets. We also carry all the accessories you may need to equip your safe, such as shelves and drawers with dividers to keep medications organized.

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