Benefits of an Access Control System

Benefits of an Access Control System

An access control system allows and restricts access to a building, rooms, or designated areas. These electronically powered security systems are a great feature for businesses; however, many are deterred by the cost. While access control systems are more costly than conventional lock and key systems, there are many benefits associated with installing this type of system.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of access control systems and how RBM Lock & Key can install one at your facility.

  1. Better access for employees
  2. An access control system provides access for employees to various buildings, rooms, and designated areas with a single swipe card or FOB. Instead of a ring of keys that are cumbersome and difficult to sort through, your employees will be able to easily and efficiently move through the building. This is great for wasting downtime and especially in the case of emergencies.

  3. Eliminate the need for traditional keys
  4. There are many drawbacks associated with traditional keys. Large buildings could have dozens of individual keys for different rooms, which can cause confusion and reduce efficiency. Plus, a single lost key can mean calling in a locksmith. Traditional keys can also be easily duplicated, which is a security risk that you should be concerned about.

  5. Generate records of who comes and goes
  6. Another benefit of installing an access control system is that you can keep track of who is coming and going. If something goes missing from a specific room, you can see who had access to that area and when they were last in there. It also allows you to see when employees arrive at work and how they move about the building.

  7. Create a safer work environment
  8. An access control system will allow trusted and authorized individuals into the building while keeping others out. If you have a disgruntled employee that you just fired, you can quickly revoke their access to the system, which isn’t necessarily possible if they have their own set of traditional keys. Plus, an access control system can automatically open all of the doors if there is an emergency, allowing employees to quickly leave the building.

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