Trusted Automotive Locksmith in Ontario, CA

Trusted Automotive Locksmith in Ontario, CA

Let’s face it, emergencies never occur at a “good” time, do they? That’s often the case when you need a locksmith. There’s nothing worse than realizing you locked your keys in the car or broke a key off in the ignition when you’re rushing out. Thankfully, RBM Lock & Key is here to help with those types of emergencies. In addition, you can also trust our quality and affordable automotive locksmith services to help with transponder chip keys and more!

Keep reading to learn 4 ways that the automotive locksmith services from RBM Lock & Key can help you:

  1. Vehicle or trunk opening with locksmiths on-call 24/7
  2. Let’s face it…there’s nothing worse than when you run out of work, rushing to get to your kid’s school so you can pick them up and take them to soccer practice, only to realize that you’ve locked yourself out of your car. Thankfully, RBM Lock & Key offers reliable and trustworthy emergency automotive locksmith services should this situation become a reality.

  3. Extracting broken keys from the ignition or door
  4. Breaking off a key in the ignition essentially renders your car useless. You might not be sure what your options are, but your first call should be to RBM Lock & Key! We can extract broken keys from the ignition, door, or trunk to help get you back on your way.

  5. Duplication of GM VAT and other high-security keys as well as cutting new ignition keys
  6. Car keys are more difficult to duplicate than say, a standard house key. Thankfully, RBM Lock & Key can duplicate GM VAT keys, as well as other high-security vehicle keys. Plus, we can also cut new ignition keys to keep you out of a bind.

  7. Creating transponder chip keys
  8. Transponder chip keys are an extra layer of security for your car. These types of keys contain a tiny computer chip which authenticates the original car key and any duplicated car keys. At RBM Lock & Key we can create transponder chip keys and save you a trip to the dealership.

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If you are looking for assistance with your car, truck or SUV, RBM Lock & Key can help! Since 1973, we’ve been offering quality automotive locksmith services in Ontario, CA and the nearby surrounding areas. From duplicating GM VAT keys and creating transponder chip keys to emergency vehicle openings and extracting broken keys, you can count on RBM Lock & Key to do it all! We have 49 years of experience that we will be happy to put to work for you. Give us a call today at 909-980-3448 or stop into our store in Ontario, CA to request service!

To learn more about our residential, commercial, and industrial locksmith services, visit us on the web at RBM Lock & key.

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