5 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

5 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Keeping your home and family safe is essential. You don’t want to worry about things going bump in the night or whether or not someone can break in while you’re away. You might think improving the security at your home is extremely costly and requires an expansive security system, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are five simple ways to take your home security to the next level.

  1. Install High-Security Locks
  2. High-security locks are unable to be picked. That means someone would either have to physically break down the door or drill through the lock. Both of those alternatives are extremely loud and would likely alert either you if you’re home or a neighbor.

  3. Utilize Motion Sensor Lights
  4. Another way to protect your home is to install motion sensor lights. Burglars like to enter homes that are dark and lack outdoor lighting because it decreases their chances of being detected. By installing some motion sensor outdoor lights by your doors and windows, you can help keep would-be burglars away.

  5. Lock Your Doors AND Windows
  6. It seems like common sense, but do you know how many break-ins occur because someone left a window or door unlocked? Burglars like to sneak in and out quickly and easily and an open window or unlocked door is the perfect invitation. Be sure to lock your doors and windows every night and before you head out of the house.

  7. Install a CCTV System
  8. Another way to improve your home security is to install some cameras. The mere sight of a camera can deter a burglar, but if one does enter your home, you will be able to get a good view of them and have something to hand over to the cops. Plus, it gives you peace of mind and allows you to check in on the house while you’re away.

  9. Lock Valuables in a Safe
  10. A burglar might break into your house, but if you have your valuables—like precious metals, weapons, collectibles, Titles, legal documents, etc.—locked away in a safe, the financial damage might not be as bad. Keeping guns locked away in a gun safe is also a great way to protect your family, by keeping them out of young children’s hands.

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Posted on March 6, 2019
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