How High-Security Locks Can Protect Your Home

How High-Security Locks Can Protect Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary and it’s no shock that you want to keep it safe and secure year round. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who make it their mission to pray on homes and burglarize them. If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your home, you should consider various security measures. While adding motion sensor lights and ensuring that your windows and doors are always locked, adding high-security locks to your home is one of the best actions you can take to keep your home safe.

What Is a High-Security Lock?

One of the most pressing questions you probably have is what a high-security lock is and what makes it so special. Well, these locks typically contain several of the following features: key control, key differs, manipulation resistance, forced entry resistance, and high manufacturing tolerances. This essentially ensures that these locks are not able to be picked and that to enter your home through the entry point someone would either need to completely destroy the lock or the door.

The Advantages of Installing High-Security Locks

There are two main advantages to installing high-security locks in your home. The first is that the lock can only be opened with a key. It cannot be picked so an intruder would either need to seek an alternative entry point into your home or move on to the next house.

The second advantage is that high-security locks will show evidence of tampering if an intruder gains access through that entry point. They will either need to drill the lock with a high powered drill or kick the door down. Whichever method they choose, you will be alerted to the criminal activity before you enter the home, which gives you the chance to call the police before putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. Even if the criminal is no longer inside, you will know that someone has been inside, prompting you to check for missing valuables and report the break-in.

High-Security Locks Can Be More Effective Than Alarm Systems

While this is a highly debated topic, some feel that high-security locks can be even more effective than alarm systems. That is because alarm systems often send out false alarms so people come to ignore them. Someone drilling a lock, breaking a window or kicking down a door is much harder to ignore, which may prompt your neighbors to call the police and thwart the burglary attempt.

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