Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Facility Safe and Secure

Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Facility Safe and Secure

Imagine pulling up to your business one morning to find the back door or windows smashed in. You walk inside and immediately notice a variety of high-ticket items missing. Devastated you call the police and when they arrive for an investigation they begin to ask questions. One of the first might be, “Do you have cameras installed?” If you don’t, the chances of catching whoever broke in might be very slim.

You already know how important it is to keep your business safe. That’s why you lock the doors every night before leaving, right? If you didn’t care about the contents inside you would simply stroll out and leave it unlocked and unprotected. But you do care. Unfortunately, with advances in technology, it’s becoming harder to protect your business from criminals. As their tactics improve, your security measures need to as well.

So, what can you do to improve the security at your facility? Keep reading for some measures that can help improve your businesses security.

Install a CCTV System

In the example detailed in the introduction, if you had installed a CCTV system at your business you might have been able to catch the culprit. Even the sight of a CCTV system alone can prevent a burglary. Criminals are smart and typically won’t hit a business that has cameras because they don’t want to get caught. In addition, CCTV systems can also improve the behavior of your own employees! Sometimes knowing that Big Brother is watching is enough to scare people straight. Plus, if an incident does occur—like some money missing from the cash register—you can easily look back and find the culprit.

Re-Key Your Locks

How many of your employees throughout the years have been provided keys to your facility? You have people lock up right? Well, even if you specified that the keys are not to be copied, that doesn’t mean they aren’t. By rekeying your locks you can cut off access to criminal mischief and regain control of your security.

Utilize Computer Controlled Locking Mechanisms

Keys can always be copied, but digital locks are a different matter. Have you thought about adding them to your facility? You should because they are tremendous at improving security. Plus, if something does happen, you will be able to tell which employee entered the building because of the electronic fingerprint. That is an added measure of control that regular keys simply don’t provide.

Do you need help beefing up security at your business? Let RBM Lock & Key Help.

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Posted on April 18, 2018
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