Keep the Ghosts, Ghouls and Monsters Away this Halloween

Keep the Ghosts, Ghouls and Monsters Away this HalloweenIt’s the week leading up to Halloween! While that is an exciting statement, it should also come with some warning. Halloween can be a fun night, as long as proper safety measures are taken. Normally we discuss how to keep your home safe physically, but in the case of Halloween, there is more to be considered. The last thing you want is for a child to become injured on your property. That can be an emotional and financially exhausting situation. If you are looking to keep your home safe this Halloween, follow these simple tricks!

Light Up the Night

While trick-or-treat hours are falling earlier and earlier every year, the sun will still be down for some of it. That means your house and property will be dark if you don’t take precautions. It’s important to ensure that you light up your house properly. If you don’t, not only will people think your away and consider breaking into your home, but you also take the risk of someone stumbling over something in the dark. Keep your property well-lit is as simple as hanging Christmas lights around the door or turning out all your outdoor lights.

Tidy Up Your Yard & Clear a Safe Path

Fueled by a desire for candy, children might not be paying much attention. That means they won’t see the rake that you forgot to pick up while raking leaves, or the hose that you left out after watering your bushes. It will put a real damper on Halloween if a small child trips and injures themselves at your house. Take a few minutes the day before Halloween to ensure that everything is picked up and stowed away in a garage or shed. You’ll thank yourself when you can sit back and relax on Halloween instead of stressing out.

Don’t Leave Out Candy

Leaving candy out is a bad idea for a few reasons. The first is that it gives someone a chance to taint the treats that you leave out. While this isn’t likely to happen, it’s a possibility. The second, is that it is a big greeting sign for someone looking to break into your home. On Halloween there is so much commotion and bustle that a neighbor might not be as likely to see someone slipping into your house while you are gone. If you can’t be home during trick or treating hours, just make sure that all of your doors and windows and secured and locked.

Do you need help securing your home?

If you are looking to improve the security of your home it is never too late to call RBM Lock & Key. We offer residential, commercial and industrial locksmith services. When it comes to beefing up the security at your home whether it’s Halloween or any other day, trust RBM Lock & Key to get the job done right. Give us a call at 909-980-3448 to set up an appointment.

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