Forest Fire Ripping through California’s Central Coasts

Forest Fire Ripping through California’s Central Coasts

California is known for the wild fires that rip through the state. These fires leave devastation in their wake and can cause upheaval in many people’s lives. Unfortunately, these fires are often unpredictable and fire fighters and officials call for areas to evacuate. The fire might never reach your home or business, but depending on how the weather looks and the wind shifts, you could possibly be in harm’s way. Leaving your home or business might not be ideal, but you know that protecting the people you care about is what matters most. Insurance can help pay for damages that fires might cause.

The unfortunate side effect of any natural disaster is the seedy people that try to prey on those left in a disaster’s wake. With hurricanes, there are people stealing generators or selling supplies for exorbitant prices. With fires, people can lurk behind to loot through homes that have been left unoccupied. While you want to keep your family safe, you are right to worry about the security of your home or business, especially if your security is not up to par.

Currently, there are two wildfires ripping through the central coast of California, threatening thousands of buildings. Over 8,000 people have been forced to flee and that will continue to rise if fire fighters cannot contain the fire. If you had to leave your home at a moment’s notice to flee to safety, how sure are you of the security of your dwelling?

Do you want to improve the security at your home or business in case of emergency?

If you are looking to improve the security at your home or office, RBM Lock & Key can help! We know how trying and stressful events like this can be. You need to protect your family, but you also want to minimize the risk of having your home or business broken into as well. With RBM Lock & Key, you can improve the security of any building with our residential and commercial locksmith services.

What can RBM Lock & Key do to help?

While there is no way to guarantee the safety of your home when you are forced to evacuate, there are things you can do to decrease the likelihood of looting. With high security locks, you can keep people from easily picking locks. There are also security systems that will go off if a window is broken or opened. The shrill noise might be enough to send looters scattering. Additionally, you can ensure that important items are locked up in safes, which RBM Lock & Key can install. Padlocks on garages and sheds are another way to keep looters away, as are security cameras that can catch the perpetrators’ faces. All of these security enhancements are tactics that can help decrease the likelihood of your home or business being looted.

If you want to rest a bit easier when you’re away from your home due to a wildfire – or for any other reason – let RBM Lock & Key help!

Posted on July 27, 2017
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