What to Look for In a Legitimate Automotive Locksmith

Hand Holding Lockpicker To Open Car DoorWhen you lock yourself out of your car, panic often sets in. You are worried about being late to work, or missing out on getting to your child’s soccer game or dance recital on time. Chances are that you Google a locksmith and just call the first one in your haste. Unfortunately, that can lead to you being scammed by fake locksmith companies. Throughout the country there are scammers looking to prey on panicked customers. By not taking the time to choose a legitimate locksmith, you might be costing yourself unnecessary expenses and frustration.

So what does a legitimate locksmith look like?

They Will Be Uniformed

A legitimate locksmith will generally be in a uniform. If they are not, they will likely have an ID badge or something on their shirt or jacket that identifies them as an employee of the locksmith company that you called.

They Will Have a Marked Vehicle

Locksmiths will usually arrive in a marked vehicle. If the markings on a locksmith’s car are magnetic and easily removed, you might want to ask for a bit more information before allowing them to continue.

They Will Be Able to Present Identification

When a locksmith arrives to let you into your car, they should be able to present some form of identification. If they do not have an identification badge from their company clearly visible, you can ask to see it for reassurance. A legitimate locksmith will have a legitimate ID badge, so don’t let them convince you otherwise.

They Will Give You a Set Price Range

When you call to ask for a locksmith, you should be able to explain the situation and list the make/model of your car. This will be enough information to give the locksmith an idea of what will need to be done. Be aware of any companies that mention a price, followed by “and up.” The “and up” part is where they get you, because it allows them to charge more than the lowball price they quoted you.

Have a Locksmith in Mind before You Need One

When you suddenly find yourself locked out of your car, you will start to panic. That is why it is always a good idea to have a locksmith in mind – and even saved in your phone – before you find yourself needing one. This can save you from falling victim to a locksmith scam when you find yourself in a stressful situation.

RBM Lock & Key Can Be Your Trustworthy Locksmith

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