Five Tips to Help Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Five Tips to Help Keep Your Home Safe During the HolidaysChristmas is a wonderful time of the year. There are holiday parties, time off work, and relatives visiting. However, this is also a wonderful time of the year for burglars who see opportunities to get rich quick by preying on unsuspecting victims. Don’t let your family or home fall victim to any holiday burglaries or scams.

RBM Lock & Key wants to make sure that your home stays safe and secure this holiday season. Here are five ways to help keep things safe this Christmas: 

  1. Be Careful with Social Media Posts

  2. It seems like almost everything is posted on social media these days. One thing you might not want to post, is about the brand new Xbox One’s that you got for your children, or the new Mac Book Pro from your wife that retails for thousands. People scan the internet for posts like these, and if you post about heading to your parent’s for Christmas Dinner, there’s a chance the Xbox and laptop won’t be home later. 

  3. Don’t Run External Lights through a Window

  4. This happens less frequently than in the olden days, but some people still run extension cords to their exterior light through a cracked window. This is a simple way for burglars to enter your home, so you should avoid this at all costs. 

  5. Don’t Leave Presents Visible

  6. Everyone loves the sight of a Christmas with lots of presents underneath it. Burglars do to! Be sure to keep your present loaded Christmas tree away from windows where thieves can be enticed by a large haul. 

  7. Be Careful How You Dispose of Packaging

  8. Do you absolutely love the new 60-inch HD TV that you got for Christmas? Chances are that the burglar who drove through the neighborhood and saw that box at your curb will too! When possible, try to make sure that boxes for big-ticket items are broken down and folded inside ou, or better yet, keep the boxes. You never know if you might need to return something that breaks in a month or so. 

  9. Put Lights on a Timer

  10. The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, which means that you are frequently out at holiday parties and events, or even away for an extended period visiting relatives. Skilled thieves know this, which is why they look for dark houses. By putting your lights on a timer, you can make it look like someone is home, even if they aren’t.

Want to Tighten Up Security Even More?

If following these simple tips don’t feel like enough and you want to beef up your home security even more, give RBM Lock & Key a call at 909-980-3448! From re-keying locks to installing high-security locks, RBM Lock & Key can help keep your home safe during the holiday season and beyond!


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