Keep the Monsters and Bad Guys Away This Halloween

Keep the Monsters and Bad Guys Away This Halloween Halloween is a great time of the year. It falls towards the end of Autumn, making it a great time to celebrate what precious warm months we have left. Apple cider, cinnamon donuts, scary movies, hayrides and corn mazes are all staples of the holiday, but we all know that the best part of Halloween is trick-or-treating! People scurry around the neighborhood dressed a super heroes, princesses, monsters, ghosts, ghouls and burglars. Burglars? That’s right! As horrible as it sounds, while families enjoy a wonderful night of trick-or-treating together, burglars can be out on the prowl, looking for empty houses that will give them a quick score. They know that whole families vacate houses on Halloween and that’s why you need to stay vigilant and double check that your house is safe before you head out.

RBM Lock & Key cares about keeping you, your family and your home safe this Halloween, so here are a few tips to consider before you take Iron Man and Princess Elsa out to trick-or-treat on the 31st:

Outdoor Lighting

Burglars like to go for houses that are not well lit. This tells them that likely no one is home, and that there is a small chance that anyone will see them creeping around the house. By putting lights around your home in strategic areas by entrances and windows, you will deter burglars from even approaching your house.

Friendly Neighbor Assistance

If you are heading out this Halloween and are friendly with your neighbor, just let them know that you won’t be home, and that no one should be at your house. You can repay the favor in the future by keeping an eye on their house too!


Most people think that large bushes protect their home from burglars, but in reality, it actually invites them in. Those plants that are overgrown protect burglars from being seen while they try approaching your house and look for a way in. It is a good idea to trim back bushes from entryways and make sure that they are visible from the sidewalk. If you must have large plants by your house, consider choosing a thorny bush for extra protection.

Lock Check

The most important part about keeping your home safe is making sure that your house is locked securely. Most burglars look for an easy way in, so if you have an unlocked door or easy-to-pick locks, you might have full trick-or-treat bags, but an empty house when you return.

Let RBM Lock & Key Upgrade Your Locks

If you do not have secure locks, it’s not too late to let RBM Lock & Key help before Halloween rolls around! At RBM Lock & Key, we can install high security locks and electronic locks that will keep your home safe from monsters, ghosts, ghouls and bad guys this Halloween. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us at 909-980-3448 today!


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