Installing a Secure Gun Safe

Installing a Secure Gun SafeA gun is a great investment that needs to be well protected. We’ve all heard stories of guns getting into the hands of the wrong people, children or thieves, and used improperly to inflict damage. This can be avoided by being a smart, responsible gun owner who invests in a secure gun safe. If you’re looking to purchase or install a gun safe, you will need to ask yourself several questions to determine what your best option is.

How Much Are You Going to Store?

Your first step towards determining what gun safe is appropriate for you is to list out what will be stored in it. Do you only have a handgun? Or maybe you have a slightly larger collection with a few rifles or shotguns? Are you going to keep rounds of ammunition and some accessories in there as well? By creating a detailed list of everything that will be stored in the gun safe and the dimensions of those guns and accessories, you can choose the proper sized safe. Keep in mind that “gun safes shrink.” Even if you have no immediate plans to purchase any more guns, it is a good idea to get a slightly bigger safe than you currently need. Buying a gun safe now, that is larger than you need, certainly costs less than buying an entirely new safe down the road.

How Often Will You Be Opening the Gun Safe?

There are several different types of locks, such as electronic keypad locks, mechanical dial combination locks, biometric fingerprint reading locks, and key locks. How often you will be opening your gun safe will determine which type of lock you may want. If you are going to be in and out of your safe often, an electronic keypad might be the way to go since it takes significantly less time to open. If your gun safe will only be entered occasionally, but in times of stress, a quicker opening lock is still a good idea. However, the lockout feature and reliability that comes with an electronic keypad is also something to consider.

What Type of Protection Do You Need?

In California, there are specific gun storage requirements that need to be met. There is a specified Residential Security Container (RSC) rating that your gun safe must hold. Under the California DOJ Regulatory Standards, your gun safe must meet specific requirements regarding door thickness, boltwork, locking mechanisms and many other specs. Be sure to find a gun safe that meets these regulatory standards or you could find yourself in trouble with the state.

Are You Shopping for a Gun Safe? RBM Lock & Key Can Help!

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Posted on July 14, 2016
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