Top 5 Smart Locks of 2016 Revealed

Learn about 5 top options to bring your locks into the 21st century.

Top 5 Smart Locks of 2016 RevealedWith the rise of the “internet of things” allowing control of all kinds of electronic gadgets, it finally feels like we’re approaching that automated “home of the future” promised by creative minds way back in the 1950s.

If you’re eager to add your door locks to the list of things you can control with a tap or a swipe on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be excited to learn that PC magazine has just announced their list of the top 5 smart locks of 2016.

The factors considered in their rankings include:

Ease of Installation: Most smart locks are really easy to install because they are designed to replace your current locks. This means they mainly use the standard size pre-drilled holes you already have in your doors. All you have to do is take out the current lock and put the smart lock in its place. A few models are designed to work with your current locks, fitting over the interior side of the lock to control the existing cylinder and deadbolt. Obviously these locks are even easier to install.

Features: Smart locks are packed with features to give you improved control and oversight of your security. Bluetooth-enabled locks can be controlled by a mobile or web app, but only within a certain range. WiFi-enabled locks can be controlled from anywhere you have an internet connection. Smart locks offer the ability to create separate entry codes for various friends or service people that need to access your home, and then monitor the use of these codes so you can tell who has entered your home when. Another helpful feature is the auto-lock feature, which tells the door to automatically lock after a certain period of time or once your device has gone out of range.

Integration: Some smart locks have the ability to integrate with home automation systems. Then, you can program events to happen when the lock is used. For example, if you live alone you could program all the lights to turn off when you lock the door and leave for work every morning.

And the Winners Are…

  1. August Smart Lock: This lock can connect to your phone via Bluetooth so Siri can unlock your door. It works with your existing lock mechanism.
  2. Lockstate LS-5001: This lock can be connected to your existing WiFi network so you can manage access from afar. However you may prefer to use the keypad to unlock it rather than your phone because the mobile apps aren’t that great.
  3. Schlage Sense: With this Bluetooth-enabled lock you can lock and unlock your doors, program access codes, and set up access schedules from your iPhone, or use a key if you want to.
  4. Schlage Century Touchscreen: This lock uses Z-Wave technology and offers a sleek touchscreen keypad plus an option for keyed entry.
  5. Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen: This sleek-looking deadbolt lock is packed with features, but like all Z-Wave locks it requires a third-party network controller to manage it remotely.

Ready to Shop for Smart Locks?

At RBM Lock & Key, we are experts in smart locks, including Z-Wave technology. We’ll be happy to help you compare locks and then install the one of your choice.

Posted on May 21, 2016
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