Rekeying vs Replacing Locks

Learn the difference between rekeying and replacing and why you might need these services

Rekeying vs Replacing LocksAs you know, the locks on your home or business are your first line of defense in securing your property against unwelcome intruders. However, the security of your locks can easily be compromised if you can’t account for all of your key copies. This might happen for any number of reasons, such as:

  • You’ve bought a new home or business
  • You’ve lost your keys
  • Your keys have been stolen
  • Your property has been broken into
  • You’ve had a roommate move out or an employee quit without returning their keys
  • You’ve lost track of who has a copy of your keys—contractors, maids, nannies, petsitters, etc.

In any case, in order to restore you security you’re going to have to change your locks, either by rekeying them or replacing them.

When to Rekey

Assuming your locks are in good condition and you have a key to them, rekeying is the easiest and most cost-effective way to protect yourself against wayward key copies falling into the wrong hands. All you have to do is call a locksmith out to your property to inspect your locks and make sure they can be rekeyed. Then, the locksmith will take out the existing lock cylinder (the part with the keyhole and lock tumblers) and put in a new one to rekey the lock. Rekeying your locks provides the opportunity to make all your locks work on the same master key if you want.

When to Replace

If your locks are in poor condition, if they lack adequate deadbolts, or if you have lost all the keys to your locks, you will need to replace the entire lockset in order to secure your property. (Remember, you have to have the current key in order to remove the lock cylinder and rekey a lock.) While replacing your locks will cost more than rekeying, you get an opportunity to significantly upgrade the security or features of your locks as the case may be. For example, you might consider finally getting those smart locks you’ve always wanted so you can control your locks using your smartphone. Your locksmith can help you pick out the right lock for your needs.

RBM Lock & Key is Here to Help

If you need help rekeying or replacing your locks, the experienced locksmiths of RBM Lock & Key are here to help 24/7. Just give us a call at 909-980-3448 to request service.

Posted on May 9, 2016
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