Top 5 Places for CCTV Cameras at Your Home

Pick the spots most likely to be targeted by a burglar

Top 5 Places for CCTV Cameras at Your HomeAre you worried about the possibility of a break in at your home? Installing a home surveillance system with CCTV cameras recording to a DVR can help. First of all, the very fact that the cameras are visible on your home may deter the majority of opportunistic thieves who are not willing to risk being caught on camera. Secondly, if an intruder does enter your home, you will have valuable evidence that should help the police catch them.

At RBM Lock & Key, we carry several different types of CCTV systems that can be configured to meet your home security needs. When choosing how many cameras to purchase and where to place them, we recommend considering the following top 5 locations for home security cameras:

Front Door: According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, about 34 percent of all home burglaries involve a forced entry through the front door. Naturally, you will want to have a camera here to make the front door a less attractive target to a burglar.

Back Door: About 22 percent of home invaders enter through a back door or side door, so this is probably the second most important location for your CCTV cameras.

Off-Street Windows: About 23 percent of burglars choose to break in by circling around to the back or side of your home and breaking a first floor window that is not visible from the street. Pick a likely spot and put a camera there just in case.

Backyard Gate: A fenced backyard is great for your privacy, but unfortunately it can give a burglar privacy too. To protect your property, install motion-activated lights and a camera in the back yard near the gate.

Garage: If you have an attached garage, a home invader could gain access to your home that way. It may be worthwhile having a camera inside the garage to catch them on film on their way into the house.

No matter where you place your CCTV cameras, it is obviously important to make sure they are directed so that they will capture the intruder’s face. For your doors, it might actually be a good idea to install the cameras low, pointing up, so that the person can’t hide their face with a hat or hood. If you do this, the camera should be well-hidden to prevent the person breaking or covering it.

Need Help Selecting Your CCTV System?

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Posted on April 9, 2016
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