New Locks for a New Year

Learn why you might want to change your locks and what new products are available in 2016

New Locks for a New YearMany people use the beginning of the New Year as an opportunity to take stock of their lives and get organized to make progress towards new goals. Have you considered whether your locks might play a role in this process?

Changing Living Situations

Has your living situation changed in the past year? Perhaps you have become divorced or separated, had a roommate move out, or moved into a new home. If so, are you certain there are no extra copies of your keys floating around?

Anytime your living situation changes, we recommend having your locks rekeyed to protect against even the merest possibility of someone entering your home when you don’t want them to. For additional protection, we can install locks with “do not duplicate” keys that will be extremely difficult for an unauthorized party to copy without your knowledge.

Upgrading Security

How long has it been since you even thought about the locks on your home? If it has been many years, you may find that your locks are not actually providing all the security you need. For example, maybe you have low-quality deadbolts that do not extend very far into the doorframe, making your door vulnerable to being kicked down. These short deadbolts may not have been so worrisome 20 or 30 years ago when the average neighborhood felt pretty safe, but you may want to consider upgrading them now for your own safety.

Embracing New Technology

Another reason to consider getting new locks in this new year is that several top manufacturers of smart locks have introduced new products for 2016:

Kevo 2nd Gen: Kwikset is releasing the latest version of their touch-to-open smart lock in 2016. The Kevo 2nd Gen is designed to be extremely secure, with protection against picking, bumping, and smashing. It is also very user-friendly, with a simple interface that can be used to rekey your lock quickly and easily. It can also integrate with a variety of other smart home devices such as WiFi thermostats.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt: From the 95-year-old lock manufacturer Schlage, we have a new version of their smart deadbolt which can be controlled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. This lock provides the protection you’d expect from a high-quality deadbolt plus the convenience of keyless entry and remote operation. It is compatible with all home devices using the popular Z-Wave technology.

Need Advice?

If you would like advice selecting new locks for the new year, or expert help installing those locks, simply visit your friendly neighborhood locksmith at RBM Lock & Key.

Posted on January 1, 2016
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