Is Your Home Secure for Your Holiday Travels?

A residential locksmith can help you upgrade your home security.

Is Your Home Secure for Your Holiday Travels?With the holidays approaching fast, you no doubt have tons of tasks on your to-do list. And if you’re planning any significant holiday travels—whether it’s a week at grandma’s house just a weekend getaway—you probably feel even more swamped with packing and travel planning tasks.

However, if you are going to be away from home for any amount of time this holiday, you need to take a moment and think about your home security. Is your home as protected as possible against a burglary? Or does it have security shortcomings that could make it a dream come true for an opportunistic thief?

Here are some possible weak points to check out:

Old Locks: If the locks on your outside doors are original to the house, chances are they are vulnerable to “bumping.” This is a very simple sort of lockpicking maneuver that requires so little finesse any old thief could do it. Basically the thief just needs to find the right “bump” key for the type of lock, insert it in the lock, and then whack it with a hammer. This will make the pins inside the lock wiggle just enough for the bump key to open the lock. To protect your home against bumping, you need to upgrade to new, high-security locks.

No Strong Deadbolts: Deadbolts are strongly recommended for all outer doors. But not just any old deadbolt will do. You want one with a bolt that is at least 3 inches long, and you need to make sure the bolt fits well into the strike plate.

Weak Doors: If a thief can’t pick a lock—or just doesn’t care to spend any time trying it—they could just try to bash down the door instead. To thwart this kind of attack, you need to be sure your outer doors are made of solid wood or metal and are set in a strong doorframe that is attached to the studs using long, sturdy screws.

No Window Locks: Keeping your windows locked is also very important for preventing intruders. If any of your windows have shifted or swollen and now will not lock, you need to get them repaired.

Dark, Private Entry: One final issue to check for is a dark, secluded entry where a thief could happily bash away at your lock or your door without being noticed by neighbors. Consider cutting back any landscaping that obscures the door and installing bright motion-sensor lights.

Act Now to Protect Your Home Security

It may seem like you don’t have time to update your home security, but you do. In about as much time as it would take to increase your insurance coverage for theft, you could instead call RBM Lock & Key at 909-980-3448. We can send an expert residential locksmith to your property to take a look at your current locks and recommend and install any necessary upgrades.

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