Home Safes: The Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

RBM Lock & Key offers a variety of home safes perfect for securing valuables.

Home Safes: The Gift for the Person Who Has EverythingWith the holidays fast approaching, you may be rushing to figure out what gifts you’re going to get your friends and family. And while some people are a joy to shop for, others can make the process pretty frustrating.

One particularly challenging friend or family member to shop for is the person who already “has it all.” Usually, this person ends up receiving something consumable like fancy foodstuffs or a gift card to a nice restaurant, because you just can’t figure out any object you could buy that they don’t already have.

Well, here’s a suggestion…

What about a home safe?

A home safe makes an excellent gift for someone who already “has it all” because it gives them a place to keep some of their nice stuff like jewelry, fancy watches, cash, important documents, heirloom photos, etc. It is much more convenient than keeping these sorts of valuables locked away in a safe deposit box at a bank, and will give your hard-to-shop-for gift recipient the ability to actually use and enjoy their items more often.

Choosing a Home Safe

When shopping for a home safe, some of the most important concerns are:

Size: Home safes range in size from small lockboxes to large 6-foot gun safes. So you’ll want to consider what might be stored inside the safe when making your decision.

Theft Protection: Obviously, home safes that are used to secure valuable need to be theft proof. The construction of the safe, including the thickness of the steel used, the position of the hinges, and the quality of the lock, have a big impact on the safe’s ability to withstand different kinds of attacks. And of course in the case of a small safe, it needs to be installed properly to prevent a thief from just walking off with it.

Fire Protection: Home safes provide varying degrees of protection against the heat and flames of a fire. You should definitely invest in good fire protection if you expect computer discs will be stored in the safe.

Lock Type: If you’re shopping for a person who loves the latest high-tech toys, you’ll want to get a home safe with a digital combination lock instead of a boring old key or the traditional combination dial.

Cost: A high-quality home safe is by no means a cheap gift. Depending on your budget, you may want to recruit others to chip in on a joint gift so you can get your hard-to-shop-for person a safe that they will really like.

Ready to Shop?

If you’re ready to shop for home safes, come to RBM Lock & Key. We’ll be happy to show you our inventory and answer any questions you may have.

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