Important Considerations for Choosing a Smart Lock

Don’t forget physical security when choosing a smart lock.

Important Considerations for Choosing a Smart LockAre you considering having your home join the “internet of things”? In other words, are you intrigued by the possibility of using home automation to control your lights, appliances, HVAC system, and even your door locks using your smartphone?

Connectivity certainly offers many advantages for the comfort, efficiency, and convenience of your home life. For example, smart locks can be opened using unique codes sent by your smartphone. Some locks can connect to other devices in your home to automatically turn on the lights, turn up the heat, or make other adjustments when you come home.

Most of the time, people tend to focus on available smart features when choosing a smart lock. However, it is important to see the bigger picture. Never lose sight of the fact that the primary purpose of a lock is to secure your home.

Getting Hacked Should Be Low on Your List of Concerns

When people think of security issues for smart locks, they immediately jump to the fear of getting hacked. The reality is, the sort of common criminal who does house burglaries is not likely to bother with hacking your smart lock. Instead, they’re just going to break a window or kick down your door.

However, if you do have concerns about the security of smart locks, be sure to consider the type of connectivity they use, which will be either wifi or Bluetooth. Although wifi enabled smart locks offer more features (such as connecting with other devices on your home automation system) they may be more vulnerable because they are always connected to the internet. Bluetooth connected smart locks are generally considered more secure because the locks only recognize devices that have been authenticated to them. Some types of Bluetooth connected smart locks send a unique code each time so that even if someone did manage to capture it, the code would never work again.

Any Lock Must Be Paired with a Quality Deadbolt System

No matter what kind of smart lock you choose, it is very important not to get so concerned about the cyber security features that you overlook the physical security features. You should still be locking for a lockset that has a long deadbolt and is strong enough to withstand kicking, smashing, and rudimentary lock picking. Also ensure that the lock is installed properly so that you get the full protection of the deadbolt. Having an expert locksmith from RBM Lock & Key install your new smart lock will take care of this concern.

Worried About Losing Your “Key?” Consider an Electronic Lock

One possible problem with most types of smart locks is that if they use your phone as their key, you still risk getting locked out of your home if you lose or break your phone. If you are prone to phone mishaps, you may want to consider opting for an electronic lock system instead. With these locks you simply type in a keycode to open the door rather than using your phone. There is no internet connection and no risk.

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