Buying a New Home? Don’t Make this Common Home Security Mistake

RBM Lock & Key can help you secure your new home.

Buying a New Home? Don’t Make this Common Home Security Mistake  There are a great many details to attend to when buying new home. Even after you’ve found the perfect place, secured your financing, and closed on the home, you still have to deal with the move itself, which includes cleaning, packing, more cleaning, unpacking, decorating, etc.

It’s easy for some things to get overlooked in the shuffle. But, if you overlook one very vital task, you could be putting the rest of your hard work at risk.

What is that task?

Changing your door locks.

According to The Master Locksmiths Association, 66 percent of new homeowners do not change their door locks when they move. Whether this shows an admirable—if perhaps risky—trust in one’s fellowman or simply a lack of awareness of the need for new locks, the end result is the same: homeowners are leaving their property vulnerable to intrusion by anyone who may get their hands on a stray key copy.

You simply never know who might have an old key to a home you have just purchased. The former homeowner might have lost their keys at some point, left a key hidden around the yard somewhere, given a key to a friend, neighbor, relative, maid, nanny, or other worker, or even used the house as a rental at some point and failed to recover the key copies from the former tenants.

Rather than waste your time and energy trying to figure this all out, why not simply invest in new door locks for your property?

Benefits of New Door Locks

Security: Obviously, the number one benefit of changing your door locks is to settle the question of lost key copies forever. However, you can enhance your home security even further if you choose to actually upgrade to new door locks rather than just simply rekeying the locks you have. At RBM Lock & Key, we have an excellent selection of high-security residential door locks to choose from.

Quality: By getting one of our professional locksmiths out to your property, you can also benefit from our expert assessment of your current door lock setup. We often find that deadbolts are not actually seated properly and this can compromise their effectiveness. For example, if the mortise hole that the deadbolt extends into is not deep enough, the lock could easily be forced open. We can correct these kinds of installation problems so you can rest assured the locks you have work their very best.

Convenience: When considering your new door locks, you could opt for a new electronic lock or smart lock system that will allow you to open the door with a keycode or with your smart phone. Never lose your keys again!

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