Concerned About Home Security? 6 Tips to Help Put Your Mind at Ease

Visiting the locksmith is an important part of ensuring peace of mind about your security.

Do you feel unsafe in your home? Here are some simple tips that will help decrease your risk of a robbery or home invasion and put your mind at ease.

Always Change the Locks

Concerned About Home Security? 6 Tips to Help Put Your Mind at EaseAlthough you surely have a mountain of tasks on your plate when you move into a new home, don’t neglect to make changing your locks a priority. After all, there’s no telling who has had access to the keys before you took possession. You certainly do not want a surprise visit from someone looking for the former owner—or their valuables.

The expert residential locksmiths at RBM Lock & Key can easily provide lock changing service for you. We have a variety of quality locks in stock and we offer 24/7 service for your convenience.

Invest in a Quality Deadbolt

When buying a lock, remember that the doorknob lock is not as important as your deadbolt. Focus on choosing a deadbolt that is at least 1 inch long to help prevent home invaders from kicking in your door. For help selecting a quality deadbolt, visit our shop.

Limit Key Copies

You may occasionally need to make copies of your house keys and entrust them to a friend, relative, contractor, cleaner, etc. Some relationships invite more trust than others, and if you don’t feel comfortable giving out key copies you might consider installing an electronic lock instead. This way, you can create a personal code for anyone who needs access. They can use the code as long as they need to, and you can cancel it afterwards for peace of mind against any possible future entry by that person.

Whatever you do, do not leave a copy of your key hidden outside your home. No matter how cleverly you think you are hiding it, someone could find it.

Clear the Approach

While some thieves and home invaders are surprisingly brazen, most prefer the cover of darkness. You can make it harder for them to sneak up on your home by keeping your landscaping trimmed back so that your door is clearly visible from the street. Investing in motion sensor outdoor lighting can also help discourage thieves from trying their hand at your door.

Guard Your Privacy

Unloading a brand new TV or other high-cost goods into your home can let potential thieves know your home would make a lucrative target for a robbery, and loading up your suitcases into your car can broadcast the fact that your home is about to be empty and vulnerable. You never know who might be watching! It is simply more prudent to keep your comings and goings private by loading and unloading in the garage, not the street. Also, be sure to install and use window coverings to keep potential thieves from scoping out your home.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

One final tip that will help you feel more secure in your home is to get to know your neighbors. You don’t have to become best friends, but being friendly with your neighbors increases the chances that they will notice and report any strange goings-on at your home.

Posted on July 20, 2015
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