Make Your Property Rental-Ready with Z-Wave Locks

Z-Wave locks make it easy to control access to a rental property.

Make Your Property Rental-Ready with Z-Wave LocksHere in the greater LA area, we have a very strong rental market, both for traditional home and apartment leasing and for short-term room rentals on platforms such as AirBnB.

The really good news?

Managing a rental property is easier than ever thanks to Z-Wave locks.

Like all electronic locks, Z-Wave locks consist of a keypad and motorized deadbolt, enabling the door to be opened with a unique keycode rather than a traditional key. However, the important difference is that unlike just any electronic lock, Z-Wave locks can be controlled remotely over the encrypted wireless Z-Wave network. You will be able to control your locks from anywhere your smartphone has a signal, or from your PC at home or work.

Top 5 Benefits of Z-Wave for a Rental Property

No More In-Person Key Exchanges: It’s very difficult for anyone to stick to a schedule on moving day. If you had to give your tenant a physical key, you would be stuck choosing between waiting around for hours for them to arrive at the property or leaving the keys under the mat where a thief could get hold of them. You’d face the same problem on move-out day when you need to collect the keys. This routine will get really old if you have multiple properties or are a managing a vacation rental property available by the week or night. Fortunately, with Z-Wave locks there is no need for in-person key exchanges. You can simply let the tenant pick a keycode, program it in, and then activate it on their move-in day. On move-out day, you just deactivate the code.

No More Rekeying: Another big benefit of installing Z-Wave locks is you will never have to rekey your locks again. Ordinarily this is needed to guard against the possibility that a former tenant may have retained a copy of the keys to your property and could return without authorization later on. But as mentioned, with Z-Wave you can simply delete their keycode to permanently terminate access.

No More Lockouts: With a traditional deadbolt, if a tenant lost their keys you might have to rush over with a spare key or else risk having the tenant hire some unqualified locksmith who might drill the lock and ruin it. With Z-Wave, it is impossible for a tenant to lose their keys or lock themselves out. If they forget the keycode, all they have to do is call you so you can remind them or program a new code.

Provide Different Levels of Access: If you have a vacation rental, you may want to offer different levels of access for different rates. For example, you could have one price for access to one bedroom and another price to rent the property with access to all the bedrooms. By installing Z-Wave locks on interior doors, you can control access to different rooms and make sure tenants only use what they’ve paid for.

Lock Up Remotely: One final benefit of Z-Wave locks for the rental property manager is the ability to check that the tenant locked up after vacating the premises. If you see the door is not locked after the tenant is supposed to have gone, you can engage the lock remotely using your smartphone.

Want to Learn More About Z-Wave Locks?

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Posted on June 29, 2015
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