How to Buy a Safe

Use these tips to narrow down your search and the visit RBM Lock & Key

safe2Are you in the market for a new safe? With so many options available it can be hard to make a decision. Here are few tips to help you narrow down your search. When you’re finished reading come by RBM Lock & Key for personalized advice and assistance.

What Do You Want to Store?

As a first step towards buying a safe, it will be helpful to consider what exactly you think you would like to store. There are actually many different kinds of safes, including personal safes, gun safes, document safes, commercial safes, and even high-tech cash management safes. While of course you can put anything inside of any kind of safe, your belongings will get the best protection—plus certain other perks such as customized storage compartments for specific items like guns and ammo—if you choose a safe that was designed especially for them.

What’s Your Biggest Concern?

Next, you will want to think about what you are most worried about protecting your belongings from.

Are you worried about losing important documents in a fire? Obviously you will want to choose a safe with a high fire rating. Don’t forget, though, that fires are often followed by floods as firefighters work to extinguish the blaze. Make sure your safe can handle both attacks.

Is your biggest concern theft of your cash or valuables? You need a UL Listed high security safe. Remember, bigger and heavier is better since the bulk of the safe will prevent thieves from simply walking off with the entire safe to crack at their leisure. Also look for other security features such as concealed door pins to make it hard to break into the safe, and don’t forget that mounting the safe securely into a floor or wall can also add to its theft protection.

Do you just need to keep items secure from curious kids or untrusted employees? In this case, you can be more flexible about fire and theft protections, and instead focus on a safe with a secure locking mechanism.

Now You’re Ready to Come to RBM Lock & Key

Once you’ve thought a little bit about the type of safe you might be interested in, it’s time to visit RBM Lock & Key to learn more about the specific brands and models of safes that fit your general requirements. After 40 years in business we have become quite familiar with all kinds of safe offerings and we can explain their features to you in plain English so you can make the best decision. We even offer safe installation and combination changing services as needed.

Posted on May 23, 2015
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