4 Reasons Cyber Locksmith Cannot Replace Neighborhood Locksmith

Cyber locksmiths offer convenient key copies but also introduce risks for all.

4 Reasons Cyber Locksmith Cannot Replace Neighborhood LocksmithThese days, people seem to value the convenience of the online experience over the personal relationships that would otherwise be built with local merchants. One area that has stubbornly resisted this trend is locksmith services. After all, you still need a locksmith to come to your property personally to complete a lock installation, rekey a lock, or provide emergency lockout service.

However, a new type of “cyber locksmith” is attempting to undermine the relationship between clients and their neighborhood locksmith by offering online key copy services. In order to receive a key copy, all a user has to do is visit the cyber locksmith’s website or download the cyber locksmith’s app to their phone. Then, the user simply takes photos of the front and back of the keys, submits them to the cyber locksmith, and receives their keys within few days.

This certainly seems convenient, but it also raises some questions about security. An investigative news team form Rhode Island found that it was easy for individuals to order copies of keys that did not belong to them.

Representatives from one cyber locksmith site, keysduplicated.com, defended the business model by saying they do have some security measures in place, such as refusing to produce copies of keys if the photos look fuzzy, manipulated, or enlarged, which could indicate the owner of the key was not aware the photo had been taken. However, this does nothing to protect against thieves who might have the opportunity to take better pictures. The news team surmised that it would be easy for a thief to quickly snap a picture of a key when an individual handed over their keys for car repairs or valet service.

Here’s 4 reasons why we believe consumers are going to prefer to stick with their friendly neighborhood locksmith for key copies rather than trusting a cyber locksmith.

Better Security: When you neighborhood locksmith makes key copies, they need to have the physical keys in their possession. This makes it much harder for a thief to copy your keys without you realizing they have taken your keys.

Complete Range of Key Copies: Cyber locksmiths can only copy regular keys, not high security keys or car keys. As your neighborhood locksmith, RBM Lock & Key can reproduce any and all keys, including door, trunk, ignition, and glove box keys for foreign and domestic cars.

Timelier Service: Who wants to wait several days to receive their key copies? When you get your key copies from a neighborhood locksmith, the new keys get made right while you wait.

Accountability: While it can be difficult to get good customer service from some online companies, you always know exactly where to find your neighborhood locksmith when you have questions or need help.

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