4 Ideas to Add Personality to Your Front Door

Don’t underestimate the power of designer door locks to change the look of your home.

4 Ideas to Add Personality to Your Front Door

A big part of making a home feel like your own is putting your own stamp on the front door. After all, this is where you will welcome all guests and visitors to your home, and you want to give a good impression from the very beginning. With a few small tweaks you can easily transform your bland front entry into an eye-catching portal that will convey your unique personality. Here are 4 easy ideas to get you started.

Paint Your Door

First of all, you might consider painting your door a bold color. Red is a somewhat traditional choice that symbolizes welcome. Other bold colors can also make excellent choices, provided that they match or complement the color of the rest of the home. If you have a larger budget you might consider replacing your door entirely to get one in the style you like best, whether that’s sleek and modern, traditional, or embellished with a stained glass window.

Update Your Door Hardware

Your doorknob, knocker, or doorbell can also have a big impact on the look and feel of your entry way. You might choose to go with a big, dark wrought iron knocker for a gothic look or a slim electronic lock for a modern feel. In any case, it is important to remember that aesthetics is not your only concern when choosing a door lock. You also need to ensure the lockset you choose provides adequate security in the form of a long deadbolt and solid strike plate. You may wish to pair your vintage or decorative doorknob with a solid modern deadbolt for security. You can always come to RBM Lock & Key for advice about your door locks.

Get a Unique Doormat

Another way to put your own stamp on your entryway is to add a doormat. You might go for a fun or humorous one, or choose a design that complements your overall style. You might even want a personalized mat with your name on it. You can be a bit freer with your choice of doormat because it is only for your visitors—it can’t be seen from the street.

Decorate Your Stoop

One final suggestion for adding your own personality to your front doorway is to decorate your stoop or porch. You might add some potted plants, preferably in a color that complements your door. Or if you have room you might add a bench or comfy chair.

In any case, don’t be afraid to follow your intuitions since this project is all about showcasing your personality.

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