Electronic Locks for Landlords

You and your tenants will be happy you chose to install electronic locks.

Electronic Locks for Landlords

As the owner of a rental property, you need to take care to choose your locks wisely. Not only do you have to ensure all exterior locks comply with the deadbolt requirements set by California state law and also meet any requirements set by your insurance provider, you also have to ensure that your tenants feel safe and secure in the property.

Using traditional locks and keys on your rental properties has the potential to be a nightmare. You’ll have lots of different keysets to keep track of, and it’s easy to get mixed up. If you are installing new locks every time a tenant moves in or out, this can get expensive. But if you don’t install new locks, your tenants might worry that a prior tenant might still have a key. You’ll probably also find yourself making frequent calls to your local locksmith whenever a tenant loses a key or whenever a roommate situation changes.

What if there was a way to provide tenants with the security they require while also reducing your expenses and your hassles? Well, there is a way. All you have to do is install electronic locks.

Electronic locks are opened with a code, rather than with a key. You can set and manage these codes right from your smartphone or computer. This offers tremendous benefits for you and your tenants:

No more juggling keysets: Often, landlords with multiple properties play a sort of “musical doorknobs” where they move keysets from property to property so the same lock is never used on the same property by two consecutive tenants. This is labor-intensive and also potentially confusing. With electronic locks, you just change the code rather than changing the lockset.

No more lost keys: With an electronic lock, it is impossible to for a tenant to lose their keys. You don’t have to worry about a lost key falling into the wrong hands or rush to have replacement keys made.

No more lockouts: Without a physical key to forget inside, a tenant can never lock themselves out of the property. If they forget their code, they can always call you and have the code reset.

Easy rekeys: Sometimes, tenants ask for their locks to be rekeyed if they break up with a partner or lose a roommate. With electronic locks, you can easily delete the old code and enter a new one.

Simple access control: Not having to worry about a physical key can make your life a whole lot easier if you ever need to show an empty property that is for sale or rent, have a property cleaned, or want to do a short term rental through FlipKey or AirBnB. You can simply provide a code to the real estate agent, cleaning service, or short term renter, and then delete the code when they’re done with the property.

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