Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Satisfying Locksmith Service

Learn what to look for in a reputable locksmith.

Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Satisfying Locksmith ServiceIf you own a home, a business, or a car, chances are at some point you are going to need assistance with your locks. Rather than waiting for a 2 am lockout or other emergency to occur before wondering how you will find quality locksmith services, it would be wise to consider today the following do’s and don’ts that will help you find an honest and reputable professional to work with.


Look for an established local locksmith. By choosing a local locksmith with decades of experience like RBM Lock & Key, you know you will be getting quality service from a professional who understands the local community and has been successfully meeting your neighbors’ needs for many years.

Ask for an estimate. Any reputable locksmith will be able to give you an estimate or at least a price range for the services you may need over the phone. If the locksmith does not want to provide an estimate, this is a bad sign and they may be planning to stick you with lots of hidden fees later.

Choose a locksmith offering ALL the services you may need. When looking for a locksmith, it makes sense to choose one that offers all the kinds of services you may need, so that you can begin building a relationship with a professional you can trust for many years to come. For example, at RBM Lock & Key we can be your residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith because we work on door locks, safe locks, keypads, padlocks, and automotive locks.


Use a locksmith with no business address. When you search for locksmiths online or in the phone book, you might come across some companies that only have a name and number and no physical address. Unfortunately, this often indicates that the company is not a professional locksmith. At the very least, they are not local. They may be a contractor working for a service, in which case they will have no flexibility in price of their services.

Trust a locksmith in an unmarked vehicle. Any locksmith from a reputable company should arrive in a company vehicle that is clearly marked with their contact info. They should also be able to produce an ID card upon request.

Let a locksmith drill your lock right away. While sometimes stuck or broken locks do need to be drilled, drilling out the lock should be a last resort for a reputable locksmith. Instead, they should try to pick the lock to open it, as this will save you the trouble and expense of replacing your lock and all your keys afterwards. If a locksmith immediately suggests drilling the lock without examining it at all, you should be wary as this individual may be trying to upsell you on a service you don’t need.

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