Could Your Business Benefit from a Cash Management Safe?

Cash management safes offer many advantages over standard commercial deposit safes.

Could Your Business Benefit from a Cash Management Safe?If you have a cash-intensive business, you may be concerned about the time it takes to count all this cash and the risks having lots of cash on site may expose you to. While many options exist for simply storing cash, only a smart cash management safe like AMSEC’s Cash Wizard can provide both security and efficiency improvements for your cash-intensive business.

Better Accounting

The Cash Wizard’s ability to automatically count stacks of bills that get fed into it and produce deposit slips with accurate totals is a huge time-saver for employees, as well as a boon to your accountant. The safe won’t make arithmetic errors like an employee might. These safes can also accept manual deposits in the case of mutilated bills, checks, or valuables.

Fewer Bank Runs

With a high-tech cash management safe on the premises, employees don’t have to brave a trip to the bank with a huge wad of cash in hand every night. Instead, the cash can be safely and securely deposited right on site. This doesn’t even have to affect the availability of cash in your business bank accounts when you choose a safe like AMSEC’s Cash Wizard that can wirelessly communicate deposit totals to your bank for provisional credit.

Better Employee Oversight

Cash management safes are capable of keeping detailed records of employee access, recording the transaction totals, dates, times, and user IDs. Up to 40 different employees can each be given their own unique PIN which is more secure than your standard safe which would just have one key or combination for all to share. The Cash Wizard also offers remote monitoring features to help management stay on top of any unusual or unauthorized activity.

Superior Anti-Theft Protection

Of course, the Cash Wizard and other cash management safes still provide all the physical anti-theft features you’d expect from a quality safe, such as thick steel construction, pry-proof doors, 3-point locking systems, and anchor holes for secure floor mounting. Plus, these kinds of safes also offer a wealth of high-tech anti-theft access control features. For example, the safe can be programmed to only open at specific times of the day using the time delay and time lock features. The safe will also lock out users after a certain number of wrong PIN entries and produce a silent duress or burglary alarm under appropriate circumstances. The Cash Wizard can automatically adjust to daylight savings time as well as account for up to 16 pre-programmed holidays of the user’s choosing for even more convenience.

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