Easy Fixes for Door Lock Problems

Learn how expert locksmiths repair 2 common door lock problems.

Door LocksDoor locks are designed to help keep unwanted intruders out of your home or to provide privacy in various rooms within the home. But as door locks age or become damaged, they can turn against you and begin keeping you out as well. Fortunately, you can always turn to a professional locksmith for help. Using a locksmith is typically better than attempting a DIY solution because you will never waste time trying methods that don’t work or risk getting stuck with a fix that doesn’t actually last. Here are two examples of door lock problems that a locksmith can fix easily.

Sticky Door Locks

There are many possible reasons that a lockset might get sticky, jammed, or otherwise hard to open. There might be corrosion going on inside the lock, or you might have some foreign materials like broken key parts lodged inside. A locksmith can quickly determine the cause of the problem and provide the necessary solution. For example, some sticky locks can be fixed simply by lubricating the lock with graphite. It is very important not to use oil as this can actually make matters worse over time! Graphite is the correct lubricant for door locks and can help correct problems involving hard-to-turn keys. A locksmith can also extract broken keys from locks.

Faulty Latches

When your door won’t latch properly, the lock won’t provide any protection. The main cause of a latch problem is door and strikeplate misalignment. A locksmith can measure the amount of misalignment and take one of three steps. If the bolt is less than 1/8 of an inch out of alignment with the strikeplate designed to catch it, the locksmith might be able to extend the hole in the strikeplate by filing it so that the bolt will fit. If the misalignment is larger, typically the strikeplate will have to be moved up or down. If the door isn’t latching because the bolt doesn’t reach deeply enough into the strikeplate, typically the best option is to install a new lockset with a longer bolt.

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With any of the above door lock problems, it is important to address the problem quickly before it has a chance to get any worse. Sticky door locks are particularly in need of prompt service as they could be at risk of becoming completely frozen, in which case they might have to be replaced entirely. Fortunately, RBM Lock & Key offers fast service for all kinds of residential lock problems, including door lock problems. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can call us for 24/7 emergency service to secure your home, or for routine service to address annoying door lock issues.

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