Is Your Home Really Secure?

Home SecurePeople are often concerned about the security of their homes because let’s face it ┬áthere is a lot to protect. Your family, yourself, your belongings, and most importantly your peace of mind are all extremely important things in life that you expect your home to protect. Many people assume that their home is secure from intruders without actually thinking about and examining their security precautions. The fact is that every 15 seconds in America a thief breaks into a home and steals those valuable possessions and peace of mind. By making a few important security adjustments you can prevent yourself from becoming another unfortunate victim.

Security Tips

In order to make your home less appealing to burglars and more difficult for them to break into follow these security tips.

  • Install and use an alarm system. Alarm systems are one of the more popular security methods out there and many people believe that because they have a system they are protected from robberies. Alarms are a great way to make criminals think twice about entering your house, but the fact is they don’t physically prevent anyone from breaking in. The key to having a security alarm system is to let people know that you have it. Placing alarm company signs in your front yard and stickers in the window are a good way to advertise this, but it is also important to place reminders in the backyard as well, as this is where the majority of burglars enter homes from. It is also important to remember to turn on your alarm system every time you leave, even if just for a quick outing.
  • Be careful with spare keys. When people think about where to hide spare keys their first reaction is to place them under the mat or maybe even hide them within fake rocks. The problem is that burglars know this. It is best not to hide a spare key at all, but if you find it necessary then letting a few trustworthy neighbors hold onto one for you is a good option. If you don’t have this luxury and really need to stash a spare key in your front yard consider wrapping it in a piece of tin foil and burying it somewhere that only you can find it. The best and most secure option would be to forget the keys all together and instead, install an access control system which does not require a physical key for entry.
  • Don’t make your plans public information. It is human nature to want to share information with others when you are excited about it, a trip to Hawaii, business trip across the globe, a weekend getaway these are all exciting events that we like to talk about. However, while we might perceive sharing this information simply to be a friendly gesture crooks use this information to plan their crimes. This problem has only increased with the emergence of social media as now more than ever people are posting private information and even more people have access to this information. Be smart about who you tell things and what you tell them because you never know who may be looking to take advantage of your situation.
  • Have an adequate lock system. The locks on the point of entries in your home are the last line of defense against home invaders. It is important to make sure that all of your windows have locks and that your door locks are deadbolts. On entry doors make sure a heavy duty strike plate is installed to prevent them from being kicked in. For glass sliding doors lay a metal pipe that is the length of the door in the bottom track when you are out to prevent the door from being opened. The only issue with locks is that they can be picked by experts and if you want to ensure the greatest level of security then you should consider installing some form of access control system.

Protect Your Home Today

Unfortunately, home break-ins happen on a regular basis and that’s not likely to change. You can better protect yourself, however, by employing the proper security measures. If your locks are not functioning properly or you want to upgrade to an access control system then head down to RBM Lock & Key where our experts will be happy to set you up with the best security system for you and your family.

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