Secure Your Business with Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology When it comes to protecting your business storefront and the valuables inside you can never be too secure. Having a quality security system is crucial to the success of businesses because breaches in security can lead to theft of valuables and private information, which can ultimately ruin a business. As technology continues to evolve and progress so too do criminals’ methods for committing robberies. Many business owners understand the need for solid security measures, but still use outdated methods to protect their businesses. One of these outdated methods is the traditional lock and key, and there are several reasons why this method should be replaced with advanced access control systems.

What Are Access Control Systems?

For as long as one can remember the standard lock and key has been used as the primary security method on most doors, safes, and cars. Both locks and keys present potential security issues, however, and with new technology they are no longer the best way to protect your property. The problem with locks is that they can be easily picked or broken and therefore, the level of security they provide is basic at best. Keys sometimes fall into the wrong hands and can be easily copied by an unwanted individual, providing them with an easy way to bypass your locks. The key and lock system is better than no security at all, but if you are serious about protecting your private property and information then you need to upgrade to a more secure system. This is where access control systems come in to play.

In response to these deficiencies with current security methods security experts developed superior access control systems. The term “access control” is defined as the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource, and this is the basis that access control systems were developed on. Access control systems are electronically managed locking systems that are designed to permit access to a location only to individuals who provide the correct credentials. These systems utilize a code, pin, microchip, or other form of highly secured credential to grant access instead of a basic key. When utilizing an access control system a business will first select the type of security system they want to use and then determine a classified access code. An individual will then only be able to pass through the access control system by providing the correct credentials.

Security Benefits

Using this type of protection for entry has many security benefits that other forms of protection simply cannot provide. Benefits to access control systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing you with the comfort of knowing precisely who does and does not have access to your property. With access control systems you get to decide who has access to the proper credentials, thus giving you the power to determine who can enter.
  • Allows for tiered levels of security. Using access codes for multiple doors is much easier than having to distribute a different key for every door.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive rekeying and changing of locks. With an access control system if you would like to change who has access to your property all you have to do is simply change the code.
  • Enables you to monitor who enters and exits your facility and enables you to see exactly what times they come in and out.
  • Advanced reporting tools keep track of everybody who has access and how they are utilizing their access to help prevent internal theft.

Where Do I Start?

In today’s day and age, if you are serious about securing your business and valuables then it is imperative that you upgrade from a basic security system. Determining which type of access control system is right for your business is a very important step and it can be difficult. Let the experienced experts at RBM Lock & Key provide you with support to help you get the right security system today.

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