Three Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Home SecurityThese days, you never know who is waiting around the corner to attempt to enter your home. Whether the intention is to harm you and your family, or merely to steal your belongings, unwelcome visitors must be deterred if you wish to maintain safety for your family. Fortunately, there are a number of relatively simple measures you can take to increase the security of your home and deter thieves.

Upgraded Door Hardware

The easiest way to up the security of your home is to replace your door hardware and locks. Many old houses only have simple door hardware that can be easily dismantled or broken into with a little effort. Newer systems offer sturdy construction methods that are difficult to break through. When you move into a new home, there is no way to know who has copies of keys to the existing locks. It is imperative to have a locksmith re-key the locks on your home, even if you are keeping the existing door hardware.

Access Control Systems

For an added level of security, access control features can be added to your existing entry system. Access control refers to any system that adds an additional layer of security on top of normal lock and key systems. This can take the form of a digital keypad, buzzer entry, video monitored access system, or card reader. Digital keypads are popular choices for garage access, since they can be programmed to open the automatic garage door opener. Buzzer entries are more common for gated communities, but can be useful if you have a long driveway out of sight of your home. Video systems are one of the best options, as they allow you to literally see who is at the door before answering. Many of these systems are popular with businesses, but any of them can be installed in your home. Why not give your home the same level of security as your workplace?

Camera Systems

Closed caption TV systems, known commonly as CCTV, are systems that use cameras with either wireless transmitters or cables to record video surveillance to a digital video recorder (DVR) or to a network video recorder. You can view the video on your own premises, or it can be set up to be monitored remotely. CCTV systems deter thieves and vandals, and allow you to keep an eye on your property while you are away. In the case of a break in, the police can use the video surveillance as evidence to prosecute the individual or individuals responsible. When it comes time to increase the security on your new or existing home, your local lock company can work with you to determine what combination of security measures is best for your home.

Posted on August 4, 2014
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