Four Situations That Call for New Door Locks

New Door LocksThe locks on your doors are the first line of defense your home has when protecting your family members from unwanted visitors. However, because you are continually unlocking and locking up your doors, the locks on your front and back doors won’t last forever. To avoid your home’s security from becoming compromised, it is best that you replace your locks when one of these four situations occurs. 

1. Wear and Tear 

Rusted, loose, or worn out locks are a huge home security threat. When a lock starts to age, it becomes easier to break off and pick. Additionally, older locks become more and more difficult to open with your house keys over time. If you notice that your locks have started to rust, lose their varnish, or have becoming extremely hard to open, especially when it’s cold outside, it may be time to replace all of your locks. 

2. After a Break-In 

If you recently had someone break into your home, it is essential that you get your locks changed as soon as possible. If the intruder entered your home through the back or front door, the force they used may have compromised the integrity of the lock. Replacing your locks will minimize your risk of another break-in and ensure that if your keys accidentally got into the wrong hands, they are unable to unlock your doors. 

3. When You Lose a Key 

Although you may not think that misplacing one of your house keys is a big deal, your keys could have been picked up by a stranger who now has access to your home and possessions. After you lose one of your keys, you should plan on having all of your locks replaced and having new keys made and given to everyone who lives in your house. 

4. Someone New Moves In 

After someone moves out of your house, you may not think that they will try to use their old key to get in again. However, this is not always the case. Even if they gave you their old key, they may have taken the time to get a copy made and still have access to your home. Every time someone new moves into your home or someone moves out, make it a priority to get your locks replaced and new keys made.

If someone new moved into your home, you recently had a break-in, or your door locks are just getting old, you may not know who you should call to come and replace your locks. At RBM Lock & Key, you can count on us to completely and efficiently change your home’s locks and make you new keys. Give us a call today to get the process started.

Posted on July 1, 2014
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