Is It Time to Replace Your Locks?

5 signs that you need to change your locks

Time To Replace LocksLocks are an excellent first line of defense against thieves and intruders, but only if you keep them in good working condition and guard your key copies carefully. It’s a good idea to periodically inspect all the locks in your home or business to identify any issues or security risks. If any of the following 5 problems apply to your locks, it’s time to get them replaced by a professional locksmith from RBM Lock & Key.

Broken Locks

Obviously if any of your locks are broken or severely damaged, they need to be replaced. In cases where the lock has been damaged in the course of a robbery or attempted robbery, it is especially important to have the lock replaced as quickly as possible in case the intruder should return. RBM Lock & Key offers 24 hour emergency locksmith service to help in such cases.

Sticky Keys

The mechanisms inside a lock can wear out over time, making it more and more difficult to open and close the lock. For example, the springs inside the lock may fail so that the tumblers can no longer move freely. When this happens, you end up playing a game of chance every time you try to open the lock. One day you are sure to find the lock totally inoperable and you’ll have to call an emergency locksmith. It’s better to get sticky, worn, or corroded locks replaced before they fail to save you the inconvenience of a lockout.

Lost Keys

If you ever lose your keys, it’s a good idea to change your locks as a safety precaution. This is especially true if your keys are on a key fob that has any personal information about you that might help a thief to find your address.

Unauthorized Key Copies

Just because your former roommate, tenant, or employee returns all the keys they were issued does not necessarily guarantee that there aren’t any unauthorized key copies floating around out there. To protect against this possibility, it is wise to change the locks after every change in occupancy or access privileges.

Inferior Security Features

One final sign that it might be time to replace your locks is that they are simply too old and outdated to deliver the modern security features you want. At a minimum, you would want a modern lock and deadbolt set with bump-proof features. You might also want some high-tech features like electronic access. There are some lock sets on the market today that can actually accept a code from your smartphone as the key. If you aren’t sure what kind of new lock to get, just come by our shop. We’ll be happy to show you all your options and explain the advantages of each.


Posted on April 27, 2014
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