Locks & Lockpicking as a Hobby

Museums and events offer interesting insights into locks & lockpicking

lock hobbyFor centuries, lock manufacturers and lockpickers have been engaged in a struggle to outdo one another. For some lockpickers, this activity is just a hobby, while for others it is a career. Whether you’re interested in becoming a locksmith, fancy yourself an aspiring magician or performer, or just think lock technology is cool, lockpicking makes an interesting hobby.

Atlas Obscura Lockpicking Party

Last Friday in Midtown Manhattan, a group of lock and key aficionados gathered for an entertaining night of drinks, music, and entertainment. The highlight of the evening was a performance by master lock picker Schulyer Towne, who opened 12 locks live on stage while blindfolded. He then proceeded to give a basic tutorial on lock mechanisms and lockpicking. Each guest received a lock pick set at the door—hopefully they will use these lockpicking tools and any skills they may have picked up at the event for good, not evil! The night was sponsored by Atlas Obscura, a sort of travel guide site for the offbeat attractions of the world.

John M. Mossman Lock Collection

The Atlas Obscura lockpicking party was actually held at a very interesting venue which definitely merits inclusion in the website’s collection of odd spots in NYC. This venue is called the General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen of the City of New York. It sounds dry and dusty, but this place is also home to a fascinating museum that contains the John M. Mossman Lock Collection. Display cases contain over 370 bank and vault locks ranging from ancient locks dated to 4000 BC to modern 20th century mechanisms. In addition to being one of the largest lock collections in the world, it is also one of the most complete in terms of types and styles of vault locks represented. Many of these one of a kind, made-to-order locks were once used to protect vast fortunes, and bear a high level of craftsmanship and decoration as was requested by the individuals who commissioned them. This makes the collection beautiful to look at, even for those who many not find the mechanisms themselves all that interesting.

Need Lock picking Services?

Of course, the vast majority of locks in use today are utilitarian things that are not very interesting to look at. However, some of these locks are highly resistant to lockpicking despite their unassuming appearances. If you find yourself locked out of your home, vehicle, or safe and in need of professional lockpicking services, please contact RBM Lock & Key. We will be happy to come to your aid day or night and open your locks for you.

Posted on March 30, 2014
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