5 Points to Consider When Buying a Home Safe

Home Safes

A home safe can help secure your valuables if you choose your safe wisely

A home safe is a convenient way to keep important documents and small valuables safe from theft and fire. If you’re in the market for a home safe, you can visit RBM Lock & Key to get introduced to a nice selection of top-quality safes by an experienced professional. Learning about the 5 most important points to consider before you visit the lock shop will help you be an informed consumer.


Obviously, size is important when choosing a home safe. A standard home safe will be about 8x10x10 inches, which is large enough to hold the documents, cash, jewelry, and other small items that the typical homeowner wants to secure. Before you go to the lock shop to look at safes, gather the items you want to secure into a small pile. Measure that pile and add a couple of inches for future additions and you’ll have an excellent starting point for the size of your new safe.

Fire Rating

The fire rating on a home safe indicates how long the safe can withstand high temperatures before the contents will be compromised. At minimum, your home safe should be rated to maintain interior temperatures of no greater than 350 degrees F for at least 30 minutes in the event of a fire. This is typically sufficient because home fires spread quickly, but if you want added protection you could go up to 60 minutes. If you plan to store media like CDs or DVDs in your safe, you need a better fire rating of 125 degrees or less.

Theft Resistance

When it comes to protecting against theft, you need to make sure you choose a safe that is not only hard to open, but also hard to remove from your home. A large, heavy safe will obviously be harder to steal, but you can make a small safe hard to steal with permanent installation—ie bolting it to the floor or installing it in a wall. This prevents a thief from removing the entire safe from your home so they can break it open at their leisure.

Lock Type

Home safes have three basic lock types: key, combination, and digital combination. Because keys can get lost or misplaced, combination locks provide better security. You will still be able to have a locksmith open and reprogram your lock if you get a digital or manual combination safe.


Usually it is in your best interests to purchase the highest-grade safe that meets your needs. However, depending on your budget you may have to prioritize your needs. For example, you might want to choose a smaller safe so you can get a better fire rating for your money. The average home safe will cost between $150 and $800 depending on the features you choose.

The pros at RBM Lock & Key can help you consider these 5 points further and choose the best home safe for your needs.

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