RBM Lock & Key Offers Superior Mobile Locksmith Services to Corona CA

Emergency ServiceIf you’ve locked yourself out of your home, business, vehicle, desk, or safe, help is just a phone call away. At RBM Lock & Key, we offer mobile locksmith services to Corona CA and surrounding areas, to help get you access to your property as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately for consumers, not all locksmith services are created equal. Some companies will provide sloppy, overpriced service or try to scam you outright. Unlike these other companies, RBM Lock & Key is the real deal. Here’s how to tell that you can trust us.

We’re Local

Law enforcement officials warn consumers to beware of locksmith companies that refuse to provide a full name and address. RBM Lock & Key is happy to provide this information. In fact, we welcome you to swing by our Ontario store to check out our security products and meet our staff. Creating a relationship with a locksmith before you need mobile locksmith services in Corona CA is a very good idea, because you’ll save yourself the stress of trying to decide who to call in an emergency. You’ll already know exactly who to call—us!

We Carry ID

Working without the proper locksmith license is illegal in the state of California, but some fly-by-night companies will try to do this anyway. If a locksmith gets touchy when you ask for their ID, or doesn’t ask to see your ID, this should be a huge red flag. Something is fishy with that company! You won’t have this problem with RBM Lock & Key though. Because every locksmith from RBM Lock & Key carries a company ID with their locksmith license number on it, you know you can trust us. Our locksmiths are ethical and professional and will only unlock property if you can prove you have a right to it.

We Don’t Drill First

Some locksmiths don’t even try to pick your lock, but instead do straight to drilling in order to open the lock. They do this because it’s easier on them, and because it forces you to purchase a new lock. When you let RBM Lock & Key provide your mobile locksmith services Corona CA, however, you will get better treatment. We try to pick locks and open them without damaging them whenever possible. We only use the drill as a last resort or especially stubborn or damaged locks.

Posted on June 14, 2013
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