Should My Company Invest in an Access Control System?

Access ControlAccess control systems are ideal for companies that want to track and manage access to their business. These systems allow you to use a PIN code, key card, or physical identifier such as a fingerprint to open doors, rather than a standard key. If you have a lot of employees, multiple security zones within your building, or a high volume of visitors or deliveries, you might want to invest in an access control system. You can expect to receive the following benefits.

Improved Security

With an access control system, you can track each time an employee uses their keycard or PIN to open a door on your property. This gives you important security data that can be referred to in the event of a theft or other crime. Additionally, access control systems make it easy to create multiple levels of security within your building. You can make everyone’s keycard work on the front door, but only grant your most trusted employees access to high-security areas.

Reduced Shrinkage

When employees know that their key swipes are being recorded, the temptation to sneak into the inventory room or the shipping and receiving center to help themselves to some “freebies” is significantly reduced.

Reduced Key Costs

When an employee loses their keycard, you can simple deactivate it. If an employee were to lose a physical key, you would have to get all your locks rekeyed in order to eliminate the security risk posed by the lost key. Access control systems can also reduce your key costs by enabling you to open multiple doors with a single keycard. You can easily add a new door to your security network, without having to distribute new keys.

Online Administrative Access

You, your head of security, and/or your office administrator can access the security system and its records at work or at home, using a secure website. This makes it extremely easy to investigate security breaches or unauthorized activity no matter where you are. You can even deactivate an employee’s keycard remotely, in case you need to lock them out of a building or a restricted area immediately.

Intercom Functionality

Many companies choose an access control system with an integrated intercom, especially for their front door. This improves efficiency and security, because no one has to physically go to the door to see who is there. An intercom with a buzzer and door lock release can really help businesses with lots of visitors or deliveries manage access to their property and safeguard their employees and assets.

Posted on April 5, 2013
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