Choosing a Commercial Locksmith Rancho Cucamonga CA

Choosing a Commercial Locksmith Rancho Cucamonga CAEvery business owner knows how important it is to keep company property safe and secure. But do they know how to choose the best commercial locksmith Rancho Cucamonga CA? Here are some tips to help in this process.

Range of Services

The first thing to do when looking for a commercial locksmith Rancho Cucamonga CA is to check out the range of services offered by various companies. Ideally, you will want to choose a company with a very broad range of services. Even if you do not need or want all the types of locks they offer, you may in the future. As your business grows and your needs change, you will be grateful to already have a relationship with a commercial locksmith that can help.

Important services to look for include:

  • Standard Door Locks – deadbolts and such
  • Door Hardware – panic bars, peepholes, automatic door closers, and other security devices
  • Safe Locks – installation, combination changes, and safe opening
  • Specialty Locks – various types of padlocks, file cabinet locks, mailbox locks, etc.
  • Digital Locks – keyless entry systems with swipe cards or passcodes


Obviously, the reputation of a commercial locksmith Rancho Cucamonga CA is also highly important. You need to know that you can trust your locksmith to provide high-quality locks and security devices that you can rely on for the security of your business and the personal safety of yourself and your employees. You also need to know that the company is honest and trustworthy and all technicians conduct themselves with integrity. To evaluate a locksmith’s reputation, search for online reviews, find out how long the company has been in business, and if possible visit their office in person.

Emergency Service

The availability of 24/7 emergency service is also a big factor when choosing a commercial locksmith. If you lock yourself out of your business, have a digital lock malfunction, or forget the combination to your safe, the last thing you want to see at a moment like that is a stranger’s face. Instead, you want to be able to call someone you know and trust. If you go with a commercial locksmith offering emergency service from the start, you will be able to do this. And because you are using your regular locksmith for emergency service, you can have them change the locks, reprogram your security code, or give you a new safe combination right away, without the cost or inconvenience of a separate visit.

Remember, trust is key when choosing a commercial locksmith. Don’t be afraid to request a face-to-face meeting and a free estimate before selecting a locksmith.

Posted on March 9, 2013
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