The Benefits of a CCTV System

The Benefits of a CCTV System

At RBM Lock & Key, we know how important it is to keep your business safe. We also know that installing a CCTV system is one of the best ways to do that. Yes, these types of camera systems cost money, but the investment is well worth it. That is because there are many benefits that come with installing a CCTV system. Not sure if it is the right option for you? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of CCTV systems and why you should call RBM Lock & Key to install one.

  1. Deterring theft and vandalism
  2. Just the sight of a camera alone can deter theft and vandalism. Let’s face it, criminals do not commit crimes with the intention of being caught. If they see a camera or CCTV system, they know it increases their chances of being identified and later caught and held accountable for their actions. Having a CCTV system in place can deter crimes before they are even committed!

  3. Providing evidence of crimes committed
  4. Another benefit of installing a CCTV system is that it can provide evidence if a crime is committed. If someone vandalizes or burglarizes your business, you will have video evidence to present to the police, which increases the likelihood of the perpetrator being caught.

  5. Helping with insurance claims and reducing insurance premiums
  6. Having a CCTV system deters crime, which helps in more ways than one. It can actually reduce your insurance premiums in some states, as insurance companies see this as proof that your business is less likely to be vandalized.

  7. Monitoring employees
  8. Last, but certainly not least, a CCTV system allows you to monitor employees while you are away. And, since they know the camera is there, they will likely be on their best behavior even if you’re not sitting there watching the live feed!

If you need a CCTV system, contact RBM Lock & Key today for help!

If you want to improve the security of your business, a CCTV system might be the perfect option. Not only do they deter vandalism and theft but they can also provide evidence if a crime is committed, and allow you some peace of mind when you are away. With over 49 years of experience, RBM Lock & Key is the company to call for help installing a CCTV system at your business. If you want to learn more or move forward, give us a call today at 909-980-3448!

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Posted on January 6, 2022
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