Reliable Commercial Locksmith Services in Fontana CA

Reliable Commercial Locksmith Services in Fontana CA

When you have a commercial facility, it is important that you do everything in your power to keep it safe. That is where RBM Lock & Key comes into the picture. Not sure why you should call RBM Lock & Key? Ask yourself the questions below to determine whether or not you need commercial locksmith services in Fontana CA.

Do you have a CCTV system installed at your commercial facility?

If you do not have a CCTV system installed in your facility, it is important to get one. Just the sight of a camera alone can deter criminal activity, but there are additional benefits as well. If something were to happen at your facility, you have video backup to hand over evidence to the police or refute a frivolous lawsuit. In addition, a CCTV system can let you keep eyes on your facility whenever you are away, which can also keep employees honest.

Do you have adequate emergency and fire panic hardware?

There are many state and federal mandates regarding emergency and fire panic hardware. If your commercial facility is not up to date or is lacking certain fire panic hardware, not only are you putting your employees, customers, and business at risk, but you could also be fined.

Do you have a secure safe or filing cabinet for valuable records?

Having a safe is essential for any business. Not only can you store valuable hard drive backups and other essential documents in your safe, but you can also keep valuables like cash and company checkbooks. Having a filing cabinet that you can lock is also essential for storing confidential documents securely.

Do you need padlocks or other specialty locks?

If you have a shed or other building on-site without a lock, a padlock might be just what you need. If you are in need of other specialty locks like storage cabinet or mailbox locks, RBM Lock & Key can also help out. We sell, install, and service all types of specialty locks.

For quality commercial locksmith services that you can trust in Fontana CA, contact RBM Lock & Key today!

If you own or manage a commercial facility in Fontana CA, it is crucial that you protect it adequately. That is where the commercial locksmith services of RBM Lock & Key come into play. With over 49 years of experience, we can help out if you answered “yes” to any of the questions listed above. Give us a call today at 909-980-3448 to request our commercial locksmith services!

To learn more about the reliable and quality automotive, residential, commercial, and industrial locksmith services that we offer, visit us on the web at RBM Lock & Key.

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