Mechanical and Electronic Locks – What You Need to Know About Each Type

Mechanical and Electronic Locks – What You Need to Know About Each Type

You want to keep your facility safe. How you do that best is often a subject of debate. This week, RBM Lock & Key is here to breakdown mechanical and electronic locks to give you a better idea of what each of them entails and which might be a better fit for your commercial facility.

Types of Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks come in four types themselves; cylinder, spring bolt, mortise, and deadbolt. A mortise lock is the typical type of lock that you find. It requires a pocket to be drilled into the door and while it provides decent security, this type of lock is hard to install. A cylinder lock is another common type of mechanical lock and the benefit of them is that you can get different cylinder formats for different levels of security. However, these types of locks can be vulnerable to “lock snapping” where pressure is applied to break the lock. Spring bolt is another type of lock that is a spring loaded bolt that has an angled edge. Finally, the all-too-familiar deadbolt is often used in complement to a spring bolt lock.

Types of Electronic Locks

An electronic lock is a lock that is controlled by a reader, whether it be a keypad, card, or biometric reader. Only users with the right credentials or identification will be able to access a certain door. Although readers are typically installed right beside a door, there are two other types of electronic locking systems; standalone locks and modular locking.

Standalone locks often give more control to a facility manager. These types of electronic locks allow you the right to find a customized solution for the facility. You can run keypad only locks, proximity locks, magnetic strips, and even dual credential readers. Key-in-lever designs also allow managers to create a master key. By setting up access rights, facility managers can dictate where certain employees or departments are allowed to go.

Modular all-in-one-locking systems are a bit different in that these combine locks and readers so managers can rest assured that upgrades to an existing electronic lock can be made easily at a future point in time. These locks offer multiple credential readers that are interchangeable, thus providing more flexibility.

Let RBM Lock & Key Help Improve the Security at Your Facility

At RBM Lock & Key, we know locks inside and out. With 47 years in the business, we have all the knowledge and expertise necessary to improve the security of your facility. Whether you want to rely on mechanical locks or more advanced electronic locks, RBM Lock & Key sells and installs all types.

At RBM Lock & Key, we don’t just stop at door locks either. In fact, we offer a wide range of commercial and industrial locksmith services in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. From access control systems and CCTV set-ups to panic alarms and safes, we do it all. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today at 909-980-3448!

Posted on July 3, 2018
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