Top Reasons Why a CCTV System is Good for Business

Top Reasons Why a CCTV System is Good for Business

Have you been going back and forth about implementing a CCTV system in your business? Yes, it can be a costly expense, but the benefits are almost endless. In fact, with the reduction in theft and loss productivity, installing a CCTV system can almost pay for itself. Don’t believe, us? Keep reading to check out the top four reasons why a CCTV system is great for your business:

Deter & Prevent Crime

Criminals look for buildings that they can easily break into and escape without detection. Having a CCTV system can deter them from even approaching your premises. It also allows your employees to keep an eye on what’s happening throughout your store. These systems reduce blind spots throughout your business, so if something is going on, you’ll be able to easily spot it. That means if someone is stealing something from the back corner of your store, your employees will have a front row view to the show and be able to alert law enforcement.

Assist Law Enforcement Efforts

Speaking of law enforcement, a CCTV system can also help law enforcement. Having a recording of any crime committed in your business, whether it’s robbery or assault, can help law enforcement agencies track down culprits. In addition, footage from your CCTV system cameras may catch something outside of your shop that helps solve another crime. Overall, these systems help them gather information that can lead to arrests and get dangerous people off the streets.

Decreasing Insurance Premiums

Did you know that installing a CCTV system can also possibly lower your property insurance premiums? That’s right! CCTV systems lower the risk of fire hazards, vandalism, and break-ins, which means insurance providers are often willing to give you a discount on your property insurance premiums.

Improves Employee Behavior

Knowing that Big Brother is always watching can also have an effect on your employees. It allows you to monitor your store, inventory, and even cash register. This discourages poor behavior form your employees and if something does go wrong, you can look at the tapes to find concrete answers. Overall, CCTV systems are great for encouraging honest, good behavior from your employees.

Are you looking to improve the security at your business location?

Keeping your business safe is crucial. It’s your livelihood at stake and you need to keep the people and contents inside your building safe at all times. In addition, you also need to protect yourself by covering your investment. If you are looking to improve the security at your business, RBM Lock & Key offers commercial locksmith services. We can install access control systems and electronic locking mechanisms. CCTV systems are also in our repertoire and we would be happy to speak with you about how we can help protect your company. Call us today at 909-980-3448 or stop in at our retail store to learn more!

Posted on April 4, 2018
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