Don’t Let Your Home FALL Victim to a Burglar This Fall

Don’t Let Your Home FALL Victim to a Burglar This Fall

When September rolls around, it means things are going to change. If you have kids at home, they’re heading back to school. If you or your spouse is a teacher, they’ll be heading back to work as well. While dragging your kids – or yourself – back to school might seem like the most worrisome thing right now, you also need to consider your home’s security. Burglars know that during the summer months, homes are more likely to be occupied with family members. However, in the fall when children go back to school, there are more opportunities presenting themselves. That is why it is important to ensure that your home security is up to snuff. Thankfully, RBM Lock & Key offers residential locksmith services to provide you peace of mind.

What type of residential locksmith services does RBM Lock & Key offer?

At RBM Lock & Key, we offer a slew of residential locksmith services. Not only do we offer emergency locksmith services should you find yourself locked out of your home, we also provide services to help keep your home secure. RBM Lock & Key can install high-security door locks, work with you to establish a CCTV system in your home and even re-key locks if you need to change the keys. In addition to that, we also offer filing cabinet lock services, and can even secure garages and sheds with high-security padlocks. If you have guns in the house, we also provide gun safes to ensure they stay out of the hands of children. If there is a point of entry that needs to be secured in your home, we can do it!

Why choose RBM Lock & Key?

RBM Lock & Key has been operating since 1973. That’s over 49 years of experience being put to work for you! We know home security inside and out, and have a friendly, experienced team to help lock down your house. RBM Lock & Key is a family-friendly company that wants to ensure the safety of our customers and their belongings. From CCTV systems to gun safes, we do it all.

Ready to enlist the help of RBM Lock & Key this fall?

If you want to shore up the security in your home, it’s never too early to call us! It’s understandable to be nervous about your home’s security, but by taking action you can make your home less attractive to burglars. At RBM Lock & Key we know the ins and outs of residential security and have the knowledge, expertise and equipment necessary to keep your home and family protected. Give us a call at 909-980-3448 or stop by our local store to meet with one of our team members in person. We will be happy to secure your property!

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