5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Away This Summer

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Away This SummerSummer is a great time to get away with your family, but it’s important that you keep your house safe while you’re away. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you’re packing up for a vacation:

  1. Stop Your Mail or Have a Neighbor Retrieve It
  2. One of the most tell-tale signs that someone hasn’t been home in a while is a stuffed newspaper or mailbox. This is something easily noticeable right from the street and is a common indicator that burglars look for. It’s always a smart idea to either have your mail held at the post office, or to ask a neighbor to bring it in for you.

  3. Have Your Lawn Maintained
  4. If you are planning to be gone for over a week, anyone driving by your house will be able to tell. While it’s not uncommon for you to forget to mow once and a while, unkempt lawns are one thing that burglars look for. Either ask a family member to stop by and mow, or hire someone for the week or two that you’ll be gone.

  5.  Do Not Post Online
  6. Social media is great for connecting with people, but it can also be hard to control who sees what you are posting. Your aunt might love the pictures you’re posting in Jamaica, but people with bad intentions will just be alerted to the fact that you’re away from home. It’s exciting to post great pictures of foreign lands, but if you can wait until you’re home again, that’s always the best move.

  7.  Install Timers on Lights
  8. One of the worst things you can do when you are going away is unplugging all electronics and lights to save on energy. However, a house that stays dark 24/7 for more than a couple days can alert anyone keeping an eye on your home. Buy a cheap timer and plug at least one or two lamps into it.

  9.  Ensure All Doors and Windows are Locked
  10. This might seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to lock one of their doors or windows. Burglars like easy access and if you leave windows or doors unlocked, they will capitalize. Be sure that you also bring any spare keys inside and make sure any garages or sheds are locked up or padlocked.

RBM Lock & Key Can Help Protect Your Home When You’re Gone

Though the tips listed above can help protect your home, there are additional measures that can be taken. At RBM Lock & Key, we are residential locksmith experts and know the ins and outs of advanced home security. From CCTV security systems, to safes and high security locks, RBM Lock & Key can help keep your home safe year round. Learn more by calling 909-980-3448!

Posted on June 13, 2017
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