Tis’ the Time of Year to Be Thankful for Your Trusty Locksmith!

Tis’ the Time of Year to Be Thankful for Your Trusty Locksmith!You’re still in a fog when you begin packing the car to head to your parent’s house. It’s Thanksgiving so you were off work and since the kids were off from school that meant you were actually to sleep in past 6am. Unfortunately, as the clock strikes noon, your body is still moving as slowly as it does at 8am on a workday before the coffee has kicked in.

You make sure the kids have their favorite stuffed animals and blankies for the ride, as well as juice boxes and snacks to keep them sated on the way to their grandparents. Then you pack a bag for the dog, making sure to bring some chew toys to keep him occupied during dinner, as well as treats and his leash, before boosting him into the back of the SUV. Then you corral your spouse and tuck the kids into their seats, making sure they’re buckled safely, before sprinting back into the house for one last thing.

You knew you were forgetting something – the homemade apple pie that had been baked with hours of love and sacrifice. You could only imagine the looks you would have gotten from your parents and siblings had you forgotten that. As you dash out the door, you make sure to lock it securely behind you. You take a couple steps and double back, just to double check that it latched, seeing as you will gone for at least the next 12 hours.

After satisfying your curiosity, you turn and head to the car, apple pie in hand. A brief smile crosses your face as you realize just how thankful you are for the new security locks that you just had installed. Great locks can give you peace of mind, and that is what RBM Lock & Key strives to do.

RBM Lock & Key Offers Professional Locksmith Services, 24/7, 365 Days a Year

We pride ourselves on our superior locksmith services. From automotive emergencies when you lock your keys in your car, and residences needing locks re-keyed or changed, to commercial or industrial facilities needing security systems and advanced locks installed, we do it all. We also provide gun safes, cut new keys for your vehicle, and install video surveillance systems.

The best part about RBM Lock & Key is that we offer these services 24/7, no matter the day! You heard that right! If you just so happen to lock your keys in your car when you get to your parent’s this afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner, we will send one of our professional locksmiths out to remedy the situation. You can rest easy knowing that RBM Lock & Key will always be there for you, no matter the day or time. Noon on a Tuesday is the same as Christmas morning to us.

Want to Know More About RBM Lock & Key?

If you want to learn more about the professional locksmith services that we offer, or are in need of any of our services, please give us a call at 909-980-3448. We will be happy to assist with any and all of your locksmith needs!

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