Protect Yourself from Crime in Ontario CA

Learn how locksmith services can help protect against property crime.

Do you feel safe in your home in Ontario CA? What about when you’re out driving around, or when you’re at your business property?

Take a look at these crime statistics based on data from FBI and then decide if you’d like the locksmiths at RBM Lock & Key to help you feel safer:

  • Ontario CA has a higher crime rate than 76 percent of American cities of any size
  • Ontario CA has one of the nation’s highest rates of motor vehicle theft
  • The rate of property crime in Ontario CA (motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny, burglary) is 9 times higher than that of violent crime (armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape, murder)

Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Crime in Ontario CA

  • Any crime: 1 in 34
  • Property crime: 1 in 37
  • Motor vehicle theft: 1 in 153
  • Violent crime: 1 in 359

How Can a Locksmith Help?

Considering that the bulk of crime in our community is property crime, it is very natural to turn to a locksmith in Ontario CA for help. After all, locksmiths provide several different services designed to help protect your property:

Automotive Locksmith Services: It is never wise to leave your vehicle unlocked, but doing so in an area with a high rate of auto theft would be especially risky. If your vehicle’s door locks are broken, our auto locksmiths can fix them so you will actually be able to lock your car. We can fix many different types of problems including frozen locks and locks with broken keys stuck in them. We can also help you out with lockout service if you have accidentally locked your keys in the car in your haste to secure your vehicle.

Home Locksmith Services: We sell, install, and service all kinds of locks suitable for interior and exterior doors. We will be happy to come to your home and evaluate your current lockset to make sure it is delivering the level of security you want. We may recommend upgrades like a longer deadbolt, a more secure strikeplate, or a different type of door lock that can better withstand lockpicking or smashing.

Commercial Locksmith Services: If you have a commercial property, we can provide many specialized security products to enhance your protection against theft by employees or outsiders. For example, we can install a CCTV camera system to give you better oversight of who is accessing your property and serve as an effective deterrent against theft. We can also install electronic locks that will allow you to track employee movements.

What If You’ve Already Been a Victim of a Crime?

If you have already been the victim of a property crime, it is essential that you change any locks that may have been compromised immediately. Call RBM Lock & Key for help and we’ll send a mobile locksmith to your property as quickly as possible.

Posted on May 26, 2015
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