Five Clever Places to Hide Your Spare Key

Hide Your Spare KeyGetting locked out of your home can be an extremely aggravating experience. One way to prevent getting stuck and locked out of your house is to make a spare key. However, if you ever are without your keys, you need to have access to your spare house key without needing to go very far to get it. Here are a few clever places to keep your spare key that won’t compromise your home’s security.

1. Inside a Tree

The trees in your front or backyard are good for more than just adding visual appeal to your home’s exterior. After you’ve made a spare key, consider hiding it in a crack or crevice inside one of your trees. However, avoid placing it at the base of the tree. This may make it easier for intruders to spot.

2. Between Two Bricks

Do you have a brick path that lines your garden or a walkway that leads up to your back door? If you do, you may want to consider wedging your key between two of the bricks. When you do this, make sure that the key fits securely between the two bricks to prevent it from being visible.

3. In a Wind Chime

When an intruder breakers into your home, they will likely try and make as little noise as possible. Due to this, they likely won’t go anywhere near a wind chime hanging off of your back patio. If you’re looking for a secure place to store a spare key, consider placing it in the base of a wind chime.

4. With Your Neighbor

If you have a neighbor on your street you feel like you can trust, consider asking them to keep a spare key for you in their home. This way, all you have to do to get back into your home is to walk down to their house or give them a call. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about a burglar finding a spare key on your property.

5. At the Office

Although the last place you probably want to go back to after a long day of work is your office, this is an ideal place to keep a spare house key. When you keep a key here, you will easily be able to go and grab it whenever you get locked out.

However, you may only realize the importance of keeping an extra key on your property after you’ve locked yourself out of your house. When this happens, you can count on us at RBM Lock & Key to successfully help you get back into your home. If you ever need help unlocking your home’s doors or getting your locks rekeyed, give us a call for immediate service.

Posted on July 7, 2014
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