Commercial CCTV Systems Rancho Cucamonga CA

The city of Rancho Cucamonga CA has plenty of retail and commercial businesses, from mall shops to office complexes to heavy industry like the scrap recycling facility Tamco Steel. Whether it’s merchandise, intellectual property, or valuable metals that your commercial business building houses, you need to protect your assets. Though Rancho Cucamonga’s overall crime rates for 2011 were well below the US average, the bulk of crime in the city (over 80 percent) was theft and burglary.

Supplement your Security Cucamonga CA

At RBM Lock & Key, we are committed to helping our commercial clients protect their assets and their employees. We know that you can’t keep your doors, cabinets, and display cases locked 100 percent of the time. So how do you keep your property safe when the locks come off? With commercial CCTV systems Rancho Cucamonga CA, you can give yourself peace of mind through an extra layer of security. With someone monitoring the CCTV feeds, you can immediately detect a break-in or robbery and call the authorities for help.

Quality Commercial CCTV Systems Rancho Cucamonga CA

We carry a variety of quality commercial CCTV systems. Choose from the following features:

  • Simple one-camera systems
  • Multi-camera systems
  • High definition color or black and white cameras
  • Stationary or swivel cameras
  • Constant recording or motion detection
  • Real time viewing on site or over a secure network connection
  • Digital recording
  • Integration with existing computer networks

Benefits of Commercial CCTV Systems Rancho Cucamonga CA

We can design and install a commercial CCTV system that meets your exact requirements and specifications. We can facilitate monitoring of exterior doors and windows, as well as entry points to secure areas. Plus, you can also use your CCTV system as a management tool, to observe employees as they work and ensure that they are being productive. If your business is subject to health and safety regulations, you can also use the cameras as a tool to measure compliance with these regulations.

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